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You have lots of things to discuss with your mind, and Positive Thinking Radio tells you what you should be talking about. Positive Thinking Radio features Positive Christian Rock from Too Many Drummers and Positive Thinking Podcasts from Dr. The Positive Christian Rock is more than just rock music, it's rock that can change your world. After you are done rocking out with Too Many Drummers, you can listen to short talks from Dr. It's time to develop a persistently positive focus so that you can have a consistently positive mind.
Disqualifying the positive, jumping to conclusions, magnification, and emotional reasoning.
You may feel like you need to change your stars, but the truth is it's impossible to change them.
God is on your side, and when you get in agreement with Him, the scales fall off your eyes, and you see once again. So here you have, free of charge, some of the biggest lessons I have learned about positive thinking.
POSITIVE THINKING SOCIAL MEDIA - LINKING POSITIVE THINKERS AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH POSITIVE SOCIAL MEDIA - DAVID J. Your brain is an affirming machine that affirms the negative just as easily as the positive.
Every problem has a silver lining, and when I solve the problem, I get to keep the silver lining. If I am having trouble getting permission to do the things I want to do, I need to take a look in the mirror. God has already given you the ability to achieve excellence in at least one area of your life.
The most important fact in the universe is that God loves and accepts you the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way. Positive Self-Talk Gold Book is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. When a storm of thoughts begins its assault, damage control should be your highest priority.
Most people try to communicate with their mind using words, which is extremely inefficient.
Your brain is an affirming machine, and it spends all its waking hours affirming things about who you are and what you can do with your life. In actuality, bliss, like acute anxiety or deep sadness, is a rare moment in the texture of our daily lives.
It takes a true commitment to change your way of thinking from negative to positive, but once you do you will never look back.
It took me 38 days of vigilant attention to stop saying negative things and another 42 to stop thinking them.
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Some twenty years ago a gutsy gentleman at church liked to mix things up during Sunday School by asking questions that made you think outside of the spiritual box.
It takes a certain amount of faith to leap forward into the unknown, especially if you harbor doubts about your potential. The more I stayed on track, the more I was able to find new meaning in my life, as a wife, a teacher, a mother to my step-son, and through community and church service work.
President Monson continued by saying, “I am God’s witness that in the three years that I served in eastern Canada, I saw that branch grow from two families to a branch of almost three hundred members.
This branch president was clearly a man driven by the “as if principle.” He had a vision of building a new chapel, a vision that could not have been realized until the membership in his area increased. About Nanette ONeal Nanette O'Neal loves the gospel and is very happy to share her testimony on LDS Blogs.
I love this idea and started using it myself but it’s hard to keep the idea in your head when conflict and trials come. Free ScripturesThe Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
It will do more than change the way you feel; it will also change the way you think about who you are and what you can do with your life. Dave is a Positive Mountain Mover and the Encourager In Chief of the Positive Thinking Network.
Dave and Positive Thinking Radio have the resources to turn your life in a positive direction. You have a lot of things to discuss with your mind, and Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what you should be talking about. When your mind is full of thoughts consistent with God's love, your thoughts are healthy, and your mind is exactly the way God means for it to be. Each newsletter contains at least one powerful idea that you need to put into your mind and make a part of your life. Some individuals want a newsletter with a Christian flavor, while others want one with a secular flavor. If you want to explore the world of positive thinking, Positive Buzz is a great place to begin, and you will keep coming back for more. Dave is the Positive Thinking Doctor, and he specializes in writing books on positive thinking, positive self-talk, motivation, positive spirituality, and depression.
I have sufficient control over my mind to shape the outcome of my life in a way that reflects my goals and aspirations. When you make a small change, you move in a new direction, and the outcome of your life changes as well.
Major changes are tough, and the probability of success in a single massive attempt is low. God designed a positive software package that permits your mind to function at full capacity and maximum efficiency.

You already have all the tools you need to be the best you can be and do the best you can do.
He loves you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and it does not get any better than that. They try to change their life by trying to change their life, and that is the recipe for failure. The actual anatomy and physiology of the brain changes in response to what you put into your mind. The events of life can be trivial, tragic, and even monumental in nature, but the events themselves have little power.
Most storms are not survival storms unless you transform them into a survival situation by focusing relentlessly on them.
Your brain speaks to you in its own language, and if you speak to it in the same way, it immediately responds in a powerful fashion. If you have the same expectations today that you had a year ago, it's time to make serious changes.
If you believe everything your mind tells you, it will not be long before you are in trouble. Dave has created seven books of positive self-talk with at least 100 Power Graphics in each book. It seems so simple “think positive thoughts”, so why is it so difficult for some to abandon negative thinking? We expect to identify it through our feeling state, rather than through the perceptual frame of reference that it is. Intense emotions, whether positive or negative, are the threads in the complex and mysterious fabric of life. Slowly, this negative space that I didn’t often even recognize evaporated enough to be replaced with equally true thoughts that supported me in the life I wanted. Because of his age, wisdom, and wittiness, he sparked a few lively debates from time to time. Having a positive attitude can be the push-off point in such a leap, leaving lasting spiritual effects on your psyche. There were days when I slipped out of my as if thinking, feeling sorry for myself and deciding I could never obtain happiness. All Rights Reserved.This website is not owned by or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the Mormon or LDS Church).
Whether you like it or not, you are engaged in mortal mental combat, and your mind is ground zero. If you want to change the way you think and feel, you are going to have to change your inner dialogue. When your heart is full of emotions consistent with God's love, your emotions are healthy, and they are exactly the way God means for them to be.
The power of repetition is immense, and when your mind starts repeating quantum self-talk back to you, hang on tight, because you are ready to make a quantum leap to the next level.
The newsletter is short and sweet so you won't have to waste valuable time trying to find the good stuff. The Positive Christian Newsletter is for those who want to organize their lives around positive Christian principles.
There is no limit to how good your life can become when you get your quantum beliefs right. If you want to learn more about positive thinking and how to have a positive mind, you can read his books. Small changes are always possible, and there is a high probability of success on the first attempt. Change is slow, but it is continuous, and what gets into your mind makes a massive difference in the direction and outcome of your life. Thata€™s why change proceeds most rapidly when you talk to yourself using the language of the mind.
Living as if you are a great person is a powerful idea that changes lives, and those who take it seriously change their world. We think real happiness is smiling and laughing together with other like-minded, attractive people in nice cars and clothing. My business was reinvented and began to thrive in this positive glow as did all of my family relationships and my marriage.
There were times when my attitude was so negative, my outlook so distraught, I was sure it brought my students down as well. I recognized the destructive nature of the negative thoughts and channeled my prayers back toward the positive.
Monson, in his early days of church service, had been appointed as the mission president in a region of eastern Canada.
He relied on the help of the Lord, the work of the missionaries, and his own faith as well as the faith of the members in his area.
With a positive attitude as your leap of faith, you will soon see opportunities to improve and grow. She graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with a degree in music education and has taught children and adults in the private and public sphere for over twenty years. If you let your culture, the media, the government, and politicians do the programming, you will be in real trouble.
Real Power: Maxing Out on God's Love is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. It doesn't matter if your expectations are positive or negative, you still get what you expect. You have thousands of quantum leaps to make, and quantum self-talk is a great place to start.
The basic human personality is relatively constant over time, but behavior can and does change. The wheel of change always turns in the direction of your mind, and it's time to turn your life in a new direction. If you want to get in agreement with God about who you are and what you can do with God's help, this newsletter is for you. They are prefabricated excuses for every failure to be what I want to be and to do what I want to do.

When all else fails, when the hand of flesh falls limp, God's love remains unfettered and unstoppable. Living as if you are great means you live as if your dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen. Instead of moving on to another positive, you are chained to the negative outcome that you have already imagined. When I think about my work or my future, my primary daily commitment is to learn more about and live more deeply in my positive frame of reference.
Finally, I took on the “as if principle” and decided I was going to act as if my life was full, even without a baby of my own. My response was, “Well, I tried being miserable once, but that was no fun.” In truth, living as if my life was full showed me how full my life really was. He related an experience of how the positive attitude of a local leader of a small LDS congregation changed the membership landscape in the entire area. He acted as if his request for a new chapel was indeed feasible and therefore he was able to see to its fruition. You can become the successful person you set out to be, even if you begin only by thinking as if you are that person. The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church. Although the wheel of change turns slowly, it always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind.
If you want positive self-talk to work its miracle in your life, all of your self-talk must be forged in the fires of positive expectations. Quantum Self-Talk is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.
For the first time in your life, you dare to call God your Father and live as one of his children. Lack of persistentce has laid more dreams to rest in the cemetery of failure than any other cause. He called it the “as if principle” and described it as such: Live your life as if you have what you are lacking, as if you possess all that you require to make things happen in life, even if you don’t. I asked myself how a person would go about her day if she felt her life was rich with purpose. The branch president (one of the names used for local leadership in the LDS church) came to President Monson with a dream and a request. And since we don’t have an architect who is a member of this branch, we must convert one.” Then he went down the list and said, “Who shall be the first Mormon architect in St. It was the attitude ‘we can achieve our goal’” (in Conference Report, Amsterdam Area Conference, Aug. She writes weekly inspirational articles on her blog and is currently working on an LDS fantasy novel series, A Doorway Back to Forever.
Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is now available in ebook Format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. In order to break the back of depression, you will have to learn how to persistently and consistently control your mental focus.
I have numerous patients formerly addicted to meth, cocaine, heroine, and alcohol, who escaped their addictions without ever going to rehab. If you ever become great, it will be because you think great thoughts, repeat great self-talk, have great expectations, and act as if you cannot fail. Soon, the habit becomes part of you, and you’ve obtained the goal you never thought you could reach. Monson, the current prophet of the LDS Church once said, ‘We can choose to have a positive attitude.
She would be grateful for her blessings, she would be kind to others, and she would see the good in the world around her. He wanted a new chapel built for his tiny group, a dream that was not possible monetarily at the time, given the small number of members in the area. Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. They simply arrived at a point where they no longer wanted to be prisoners of their addictions. Dave was trained to preserve and restore vision using surgery, he also wanted to fight inner blindness and restore inner vision teaching people how to look at the world through eyes of possibility and love. Then he continued with a contractor or builder, and a plumber, and an electrician, and a doctor, and a lawyer. You will be living theirs.The Programmer's Manual for Your Mind is now available in ebook format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. They changed their belief about who they are and what they can do, and they became a different person who was chemical free. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can pull out your smart phone or tablet and start reading. When President Monson said there weren’t enough members to justify a new chapel, the branch president laid out his request. Then he personally went to each and invited him into his home so that the missionaries might present the message and he and his family could bear testimony after the missionaries had given their message.
You can even use electronic highlighters and make annotations in your eBooks just like paper books.
He also created a Positive Thinking Network that is the home of positive thinking on the world wide web. When he got his new missionaries, he knelt with them in prayer, saying, “This is the greatest day in the city of St. People from one hundred ninety-six countries come to the Positive Thinking Network to find out everything they want to know about how to have a positive mind. This is the day when the gospel shall really begin to be preached with effectiveness in this city.

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