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When the chips are down and life seems gray, Positive Thinking Quotes can lift us from despair. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Cute Boyfriend Quotes, Inspirational Quotes By Famous People, Inspirational Graduation Quotes and Quotes About Being Beautiful.
These Graceful Positive Thinking Quotes are amazing and the person who think positive achieve impossible.
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The Inspirational Living podcast offers motivational broadcasts for the mind, body, and spirit. Podcast Excerpt: Your consciousness is all that you think and desire and love, all that you believe is true and consent to. If today's podcast helped you realize the power of your imagination, we would be grateful if you could leave us a positive review on iTunes.
Podcast Excerpt: This much I remember of Aristotle, that he calls Wonder the beginning of the love of Wisdom.
Once we have fallen into the bad habit of taking for granted what Nature gives us, and have ceased to be amazed, it may be fairly said that in the midst of life we are in death. If today's podcast helped you rediscover the way of wonder, we would be grateful if you could leave us a positive review on iTunes. Listen to episode 65 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Overcoming Anxiety – Success Without Worry. Podcast Excerpt: You might be ready to embark on a new enterprise, but your imagination conjures up all sorts of obstacles and difficulties, and you are afraid to begin, lest you fail. On the eve of any great achievement, it is not unusual to feel the most like a failure or that your goals are unreachable. If today's podcast helped you better understand the psychology of persuasion, we would be grateful if you could leave us a positive review at the iTunes store.
Podcast Excerpt: The trouble with most of us is that we have been looking without seeing— gazing but not observing. Podcast Excerpt: In daily conversation, the law of constructive speech should be conscientiously applied. We steadily grow into the likeness of that which we think of the most, and what we are to think about depends largely upon the mode, the nature and the subject matter of our conversation. Listen to episode 59 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Overcoming Adversity with Optimism.
Podcast Excerpt: A poet once said that I must be happy because I do not see the bare, cold present, but live in a beautiful dream. It is a mistake always to contemplate the good and ignore the evil, because by making people neglectful it lets in disaster.
There is no arbitrary power in the universe, and the strongest chains of fate by which we are bound are self-forged.
It is not always those who have had the most trying experiences who have acquired a hard and bitter feeling, and have convinced themselves that they are ill-used and the victims of an unkind fate.
You must disinfect your mind from that weakening thought that you have an absolutely predetermined capacity, like a freight-car with its weight and tonnage painted on the side.
Every business, every place, every person, everything has a certain mental atmosphere of its own. Podcast Excerpt: Human love can ask too much, and it asks too much when it would break down the individual will and conscience. The one intolerable despotism in the world is the attempt to put a yoke on the souls of others, and there are some forms of intimacy which approach that despotism. Podcast Excerpt: It is folly to think that the happiness of our lives has passed, and to linger regretfully in the flowery byways of the past.
One should never grow too old, or too unfortunate, to have friends to love, and to keep in touch with the world in which we live.
Life offers us grand opportunities in giving us these wonderful mental and physical powers, though most of us don’t know what to do with them.
Podcast Excerpt: Every person desires to make the most of themselves, but to accomplish this all latent power must be awakened, and there is nothing that will bring forth our latent powers more thoroughly than the doing of what seems difficult. When you resolve to do certain things and proceed with a conviction that you will enjoy the work thoroughly, you will find real pleasure in that work.
Podcast Excerpt: The forces of the mind will create and express every quality or condition that is held in consciousness. A true conception of time is extremely important in placing the mind in the proper attitude towards the laws that govern your being; and this true conception is based upon the principle that time IS.

Success consists in realizing that you have it in you, that you are worthy to succeed, then carrying your qualities to market. These are such helpful quotes to ponder for those people who are emotional and spiritually down. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
To have a right judgment of our surroundings, we must wonder at them, and be surprised that they and we are met together. In reality, we do not, usually, act rationally in the sense that we first carefully calculate the means to realize our objectives, and only then act. Indeed, as we all know, to act on impulse is often much more respectable than to act from reasoned calculation. How can the memory remember, when it is not given anything in the way of clear impressions? What we say to others will determine to a considerable degree what they are to think, and what tendencies their mental actions are to follow; and since we are the product of our thoughts, conversation becomes a most important factor in the development of ourselves and others. When conversation originates or intensifies the tendency to think about the wrong, the ordinary or the inferior, it becomes destructive, and likewise it tends to keep before mind the faults and defects that may exist in human nature. We are chained to that which causes suffering because we desire to be so, because we love our chains, because we think our little dark prison of self is sweet and beautiful, and are afraid that if we desert that prison we will lose all that is real and worth having. There are delightful old people who have kept their hearts young and hopeful amidst the changes and disappointments which the passing years have brought; men and women who are charming companions for the young or old.
It is, in most cases, those who have lived and who still live for themselves alone, and have thus missed half — indeed, more than half — of the joy of living. You are growing, expansive, unlimited: self-adjusting to increased responsibility, progressively able for large duties and higher possibilities as you realize them and live up to them. This mental atmosphere is the direct result of thought, which in its turn becomes the direct reason for the cause of that which comes into our lives.
If we look forward with hopeful hearts, we shall find as we progress, undreamed of joys and marvelous manifestations of a power which ever leads the willing follower into paths where new delights await them. While our consciousness is expanding into a wider comprehension of the hidden powers of the universe, we are not getting away from materialism. But, as we learned to walk by walking, in spite of the bumps and tumbles, so we learn to live by living, and are, by slow degrees, mastering the art of using the powers in our possession; and there is no more fascinating art, or one more worthy of cultivation.
When you find yourself shrinking from certain tasks, you have discovered a weakness within yourself.
We love a perfect ideal, and someone who more or less fills that ideal, steps into the picture and furnishes an objective upon which love may express itself. However, its fickleness is not in the love, nor in the lover, but in the objective that has failed to fill the ideal, which has failed to grow and more perfectly express the perfect spiritual reality in objective form.
This is one of the most important of all metaphysical laws, because it is principally through this law that you determine what your personal life is to be. For no matter how high the quality of your faculties and abilities may be, they do not spell success until you market them. As Seth Godin says, being optimistic is very human, in letting us hope that tomorrow will be brighter.
Rain falls as a result of a change in the temperature in the higher regions of the atmosphere.
So long as we exercise this quickening sense of wonder, there is hope for us, and some justification of our presence here on earth---because we all are on the road that leads toward wisdom. Daniel Webster, when he first started in his career as a lawyer, felt as if he were utterly incompetent and could never succeed. Just when failure and disaster seem unavoidable is the time to push right on through and disregard appearances.
Even when we do make such calculations, the fundamental source of our actions is always some instinct or emotion that they seek to satisfy. If much of the wrong-doing of the world may be attributed to the uncontrolled working of selfish impulses, it should also be remembered that impulse is the source of art and science, and of many of the best things in life. You have more power within you than that of any wizard whom you have read or dreamed about.
If you will but change your mental focus, by means of will and attention, you will be able to cure yourself of the careless methods of seeing and observing that have been hindrances to your success. We have been like young infants in this matter— now it is time for you to begin to “sit up and take notice” no matter how old you may be. The true doctrine of omnipresence is that God reappears completely in every blade of grass and every cobweb.

The very evil which the poet supposed would be a cruel disillusionment is necessary to the fullest knowledge of joy. It is not enough to say that the twenty-first century is the best age in the history of mankind, and to take refuge from the evils of the world in ethereal dreams of good. For instance, you never saw a successful person who went around with an atmosphere of failure.
Even when we have rights over other people, these rights are strictly limited, and carry with them a corresponding duty to respect their rights also.
We are taking materialism with us into this realm of subtle power; for there is nothing more mysterious than the material part of the universe. Pleasure comes from within, and when the fountain of joy within is overflowing, it will give joy to everything that exists about you. Such an objective may move into the picture at anytime, and he or she may move out at anytime, because they no longer fill the picture, while another who more perfectly fills the ideal takes the place. The glamour of love is likely to be dimmed the moment that the humdrum of life renders the relationship commonplace. Remember that a one-talent person working at their highest efficiency is worth a hundred undeveloped ten-talent people. The art of selling yourself hinges on a right idea about your goods and how to get that right idea across to the mind of the potential buyer or employer.
Abraham Lincoln says that if life were to be all roses without thorns, we may not cherish it so much. So, in like manner, a change of circumstance happens as a result of a change in your state of consciousness. But he persevered and did not run away or give up, and he eventually became one of the most famous American statesmen of the 19th century. More will power and determination put forth at that time will turn the tide, and glorious results are certain. You have made yourself just what you are, and you have the power to change yourself into a being greater and more powerful than it is possible for you to conceive.
The whole thing in a nut-shell is this: In order to remember the things that pass before your sight, you must begin to see with your mind, instead of with your retina. Every occupation, trade, art, transaction, is a compendium of the world, and a correlative of every other.
Only by contact with evil could I have learned to feel by contrast the beauty of truth and love and goodness. You may enter darkness and gloom, but if you are living in a world of brightness and cheer, that darkness will not be darkness to you, nor will gloom enter your mind for a moment.
What we call time is but the now of eternity, and this now is eternally in the now; therefore there can be no passing of time.
While we all may differ in the degree and variety of natural endowments, everyone has the potential elements of success. Had he yielded to that feeling of fear, he would never have amounted to anything; but having overcome that, all things were set in his favor.
Learn who you are before you condemn yourself to a further life of inaction and inefficiency. Each individual is an entire emblem of human life; of its good and ill, its trials, its enemies, its course, and its end. It is also true that we become attracted to something that is greater than our previous experience by first embodying the atmosphere of our desire. They are filled with that subtle something which permeates everything that they do with an atmosphere of confidence and strength. In this way, the weak faculty will be made strong, and your entire nature will pass through a valuable discipline and training. You can remain in your own happy world, no matter what may happen, no matter what may take place in your immediate environment. A beautiful quote speaks about how, when two personalities meet, their chemistry can transform both. And if limited you now are, you, yourself, have raised the walls of limitation, and you have the power to remove them or let them stand.
It is all about the way the people interact, and their personal dynamics, that decides how they will journey and change.

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