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Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInHere is a collection of Positive Thinking Quotes that will build your inner strength and help you grow mentally & spiritually so that you can live a successful and optimistic life. Studies have shown that positive thinking can help with stress management and better health, two very important components that are needed to move through life with energy and enthusiasm.
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And in the headlong pursuit of ever-present positivity, we might be shooting ourselves in the feet. Constant positive thinking, some researchers say, means a person can never relax — because that’s the moment a “negative” thought might squirm its way to the surface. And insisting that “everything works out” offers positive thinkers no back-up plan for when things don’t. People with bipolar disorder (or its variations, bipolar II and cyclothymia) experience states of excessive positive thinking called “mania” that can interfere with their experience of reality and cause them to engage in potentially self-destructive behavior (driving at 120 mph, doing lots of drugs, stealing — because “everything’s great and nothing can hurt me”).
Covering up this anxiety with a cheery face can actually make our situation worse because we’re less likely to address the underlying issue.
But the sooner we take action, the less likely anxiety is to interfere with whatever it is we’re trying to do, says Julie Norem, professor of psychology and author of The Positive Power of Negative Thinking.
It involves setting low expectations and being pessimistic about what might happen in a given scenario. Studies find the strategy helps people manage anxiety by mentally planning for the worst (giving people a greater sense of control).

It also allows them to perform their best, typically because they work extra hard to ensure that possible negative outcomes don’t come to pass A two-factor model of defensive pessimism and its relations with achievement motives. Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology, University of Rochester, New York.
But regardless of a person’s disposition, researchers suggest it might be better to acknowledge negative emotions instead of denying them — and then let them pass.
An emerging style of psychotherapy, called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), suggests we should accept that negative thoughts are guaranteed to come up. Instead of devoting energy to suppressing negativity, we should concentrate on identifying and committing to our values even amidst a swarm of negative thoughts.

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