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Successful, happy people share an essential trait that forms their life’s experiences—they are positive thinkers. Successful, influential, happy people share an essential trait that forms their life’s experiences—they are positive thinkers. Practice thoughts of acceptance, generosity and gratitude and you will receive equal or greater amounts of the same—some people call it luck.
Make a mental list of the things that you appreciate about your life, small and large, and give thanks for these blessings.
Onlookers are intrigued and drawn to their self-assured presence, attracting valuable business and friendship connections. We also attract the things we don’t want. Positive thoughts magically attract opportunities, success, our favorite possessions, and meaningful relationships.

Positive thinkers are bold about their future because they are secure in who they are and what they are doing. While negative thoughts draw to us problematic people, troublesome situations, financial difficulties, and even poor health.
They fixate on their lack of money, the problems within their relationships, or no relationship and being alone. They view life as an opportunity to tackle new projects and they expect a favorable outcome.
They believe the Universe is generous, and the things they need to succeed in life will show up exactly at the right time. They are afraid they will not get their share of money, recognition, fun, possessions, love and happiness.

They are quick to share their time, knowledge, resources and connections because they believe it will come back to them magnified. They’re afraid to share their knowledge, contacts, or empathy because someone might take advantage of them, or someone might get ahead of them. They are strengthened by life’s challenges and they remain determined, focused and optimistic.
They are afraid to include others in their friend group, because someone may outshine them.

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