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These easy to download 'Positive Thinking' downloads are specifically designed to help you prepare for a positive pregnancy and birth.
All our downloads are easily transferred to your computer, CD player, Mac, Ipod, mobile phone, MP3 player or Iphone. The thought of giving birth can be daunting, possibly filled with some anxiety, fear or worry. However, if a mother is relaxed then her body will function perfectly, just as nature intended. Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. Positivity Score is numerical estimation of amount of positivity you spread to this world using this site. One of the big questions as we look towards the assembly election will be how Labour tries to neutralise criticism of the way it has been running the NHS.
This was clearly a major factor in some of the seats it lost to the Conservatives in Wales. It is clear the line of thinking is to try to take advantage of what it believes is the positive experience of the overwhelming majority of people being treated in the Welsh NHS. It says the vast majority of people are satisfied when they come out of hospital, and yet that figure drops if you were to ask the public in the street what they think of the NHS.

So short of getting three million people seen in a casualty ward, the question for Welsh Labour is how to turn that personal experience into a widespread perception?
There is an obvious answer, which is for the NHS to perform better with the regular waiting list figures. For example, take the latest quarterly figures on the treatment of those newly diagnosed with cancer via the urgent suspected route. Strip this away and what we're talking about is the wait someone has between being told by their GP they have cancer and being treated by a consultant.
One senior opposition party member at the assembly told me this is a target that could conceivably be met before the next election.
The number of patients waiting more than two months for a diagnostic test, such as MRI scans and ultrasound, has fallen to its lowest level in almost three years. Previous analysis we've done have revealed a far higher proportion of patients in Wales wait longer than two months for a scan than in England. The deputy health minister Vaughan Gething has acknowledged that the Welsh government needs to be more effective in communicating its message on the NHS.
Whether it manages to do this will be one of the big stories of the political year sandwiched between the general and assembly elections. Our downloads are highly recommended by health professionals worldwide as mental preparation has a positive impact on birth and baby. We have used our many years of experience as Therapists and Birth Professionals to put together some really powerful, yet affordable audio downloads and CDs.

Any stress, worry or fear brought into the birth, could have an effect on the birthing muscles, resulting in longer and more painful labour.
All of our audio downloads will take you into a wonderful relaxation and allow you to use to power of your mind for a better pregnancy and birth. Latest figures from the NHS in England show that 82% of people received treatment within two months. People mentally prepare for all kinds of events such as sports, interviews, presentations, exams, etc.
Our easy-to-use audio downloads are widely used during waterbirths and homebirths, lamaze and hypnobirthing. In addition to that research shows that relaxation is key to a better birth with less intervention and pain. In turning this non issue into a political football and gratifying their racism they have made it all but impossible Report this comment (Comment number 10) Link to this (Comment number 10) rate this +1 rate this +1 Comment number 9.

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