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May 14, 2014 by Jennifer · I wanted to share a couple quotes about positive thinking because I think we could all use frequent reminders. Last week I wrote about the dangers of finding ourselves in what Carol Dweck terms a Fixed Mindset. My answer is usually – before we worry about any of these – we should ensure everyone – including teachers and parents – is equipped with a Growth Mindset.
Those in a Growth Mindset understand that regardless of their abilities and talents – whether they be superstars or struggling – they have the potential to improve, do things differently and see the benefit of sharing their experiences and time. But more than that, a Growth Mindset is essential if we are to see the real benefits of any of the more obvious interventions and strategies. In a Growth Mindset, Dweck suggests that individuals take on challenges, knowing that in the likely event of their failure, they will learn from the experience.
If you can imagine each of these behaviours as a continuum, Growth and Fixed Mindsets are polar opposites.

Recently I’ve been talking with teachers and student about this and we’ve discovered that you might find yourself in a Growth Mindset in the morning but a Fixed Mindset in the afternoon, often depending on what you’re doing, who you’re with or the consequences attached to success or failure.
The skill is being able to recognise and leverage the factors that put you in your Growth Mindset. This entry was posted in Mental Health & Wellbeing and tagged Brain, Carol Dweck, engagement, growth mindset, lifestyle, mindset, Parents, success, teachers, teenage behaviour. Generation Next is an exciting new initiative featuring a national seminar series and supporting resources aimed at protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues!
Instead, I am taking a step in the right direction to move on from my negative feelings altogether. Often I’m asked what should ensure all kids and teachers have access to in order for this to happen?

For example, a peer coaching approach – whilst by far one of the most powerful strategies for change and improvement – only has impact if those involved are open to challenging and improving themselves and their craft.
They seek out feedback, not shying away from the negative, rather using it to propel them forwards. In a Growth Mindset you persist in the face of setbacks and revel in the effort it requires to succeed. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. It’s time to cleanse my mind and my body after this depressing winter and get ready for the warmer and happier seasons.

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