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I have connected with some very wonderful people while stretching and growing in this new endeavor. Studies have shown that your thoughts, and whether they are optimistic or pessimistic, affect your health and well being. A study on the effects of positive thinking on heart patients shows that an upbeat outlook is essential in improving long term health. But can positive thoughts help you in ways other than motivating you toward a healthy lifestyle? This entry was posted in News & Culture and tagged good health, health benefits, health benefits of positive thinking, meditation, negativity, optimism, optimistic thoughts, PMA, positive attitude, positive thinking, wellness.
As the clocks get turned back for another winter, getting dressed in the morning can be a chore. Air conditioners and central air systems are energy wasting mechanisms that come with a high price tag each month during the summer season. With just five altruistic souls and a cramped mud-built hut at its start, Teddy Exports was born to humble surroundings. It has taken some 4 million years to perfect the human foot, but we’re ruining our foot health with the shoes we wear. To celebrate Equal Pay Day, President Obama is making some big moves for equality, but this problem runs deep. Victoria Klein is a green mover and shaker who knows just about all there is to know about going green – and in her new book 48 Things To Know About Sustainable Living, she proves that. Corporations are criticized for putting the pursuit of profit above all else (and most do).

Bottled water sales have dropped for the first time in at least five years as a result of  vocal environmentalists sparing the landfill and a recession that has consumers giving tap water a shot.
The new year is upon us, and with it come the new year’s resolutions that we have the best intentions of keeping (but, admittedly, typically fall by the wayside come February). Soy candles are commonly found in many shops these days, which is certainly helpful as this means plenty of options. There are a lot of cool toys and gifts for girls out there, but sometimes, the choices at stores are limited. Odd as it may be, many people still think of farmers as grizzly old men who have been working the land for what seems like 100 years. Thanks for viewing "Positive thinking and health ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. Tagged With: creative, Family, Friends, happiness, healing, Health, love, personal growth, positive thinking, writingAbout EmbraceHi all! It reduces stress, boosts immunity, reduces risk of heart disease, lowers chance of depression, improves coping skills, and could even increase your life span.
By making a few adjustments to their thoughts and retraining their frame of mind, those who tend to look at things in a more negative light can also reap these amazing advantages.
Those with a more optimistic attitude tend to have more energy and confidence, which means they are more apt to eat right, exercise and take care of themselves in general. It also helps you to enjoy the moment, take things as they come, and set desired results in motion. Now is the time you can be forgiven for not wanting to trade your nice warm blanket for clothes. The brainchild of humanitarian Amanda Murphy, this small organization aimed to help local artisans market a variety of crafts, like handbags, key chains, coin purses and totes, around the globe.

In fact, livestock animals like cows, goats, and sheep, contribute to 44 percent of global methane production; and to make matters worse, methane is 18 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
After all, they’ve allowed plenty of it to sit at one of their research facilities and seep into the surrounding community.
But being a slave to the bottom line can also boost clean energy technologies that are as business-smart as they are planet-friendly.
Proportions by Conner Youngblood Every day we bring you one track for a little musical inspiration. But in reality, farmers come in all shapes, sizes, and genders, and those farmers may even have a different sexual orientation than what you’d expect.
The good news…you can change that negative way of thinking and learn to be more positive. Chopra advises relaxing the mind to a more peaceful state, rather than constantly trying to think positive thoughts. About a week ago, Silverman made a short speech while introducing Sanders to a crowd in Los Angeles. While it may be largely up to the individual, an average of 30 percent of people who are given a placebo by a doctor in studies report a positive response to the “medication”.

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