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Today, I have to stay in my mother’s house and clean rather than do something useful for the Order.
Today, Neville Longbottom turned a boggart into me, dressed in his grandmother’s clothing, vulture hat and all.
Of course, most consumers do not want to admit that Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) could have an effect on what they actually purchase.  More than six out of 10 consumers (63%) say they get apparel ideas from what they already own and like, followed by store displays or window shopping (43%), people they see regularly (35%), and the Internet (30%), according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey. Further down the list, consumers tell the Monitor they are influenced by family members (23%), catalogs (22%), magazines (21%), commercials and ads (20%), TV shows (18%) celebrities (11%) and in-store salespeople (6%).
The University of Colorado at Boulder did a study that found negative celebrity associations always transferred to an endorsed brand. Privacy   Terms & Conditions   Site Map   Contact UsAMERICA'S COTTON PRODUCERS AND IMPORTERS.
New York (Tadias) – A few months ago we received a note from one of our readers in Ethiopia. But Tilahun says it best: “One of the truly unique and exciting things about soleRebels is that we are green by heritage, and NOT because some marketing folks told us to be! Bethlehem: Before I began SoleRebels, or Bostex plc as our umbrella company is called, I worked with various companies in the leather and apparel sector in a variety of capacities including marketing and sales, design, and production. Bethlehem: My family has played significant and ongoing roles in the company’s formation and operation.
I think the idea of a “green business” is a bit of a fad label that doesn’t express the value of who and what we are. Ethiopians reading this can relate: we grew up watching members of our families spin cotton with an inzert - the traditional wooden hand-drop spindle used here for centuries to spin cotton.
Bethlehem: We look to homegrown models of sustainability for our inspiration on multiple fronts . Bethlehem: We have been extremely fortunate to have had some excellent, enlightened and savy buyers right from day one. Bethlehem: SoleRebels has supplied over 40 people from our community with full-time dignified and well-paying work, and a further 100 part-time jobs. Tadias: What are some of the most successful projects you have launched to turn a social profit and give back to the community that is producing SoleRebels? Bethlehem: Our operational philosophy includes the principle and provision of honorable wages for artisans workers – a wage that honors their skill, dedication and outputs. Tadias: What are a few ways that our readers could get more involved or learn more about green entrepreneurship in Ethiopia? Bethlehem: I would say that in terms of getting more involved, we always say that the Diaspora Ethiopian community can play a key role by supporting Ethiopian products and brands.

In terms of learning more, we ourselves are always happy to communicate with people who want to learn ore about us and what we do. I am so happy and proud with the success of Solerebles and I want to thank you the whole family for such a wonderful job. Please let me know how I would be able to carry your product in my retail store in Santa Barbara California. I advise you to advertise more and more, try to upload short video in YouTube and in any other website people all over the world will know your product. I am now the proud owner of two pairs of sole rebels shoes – they are SO comfortable I don’t want to wear anything else !
He Petrified me, broke my nose, and left me under my Invisibility Cloak on the Hogwarts Express. Then I almost attacked Harry, Ron, and Hermione, let Wormtail go free, and ensured that Sirius would have to remain a fugitive. Buckbeak reacted exactly as I told the class he would, but he and I are the ones in trouble? And now Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SoleRebels is successfully running Ethiopia’s first fair trade footwear company.
This gave me good industry knowledge that has been extremely useful in terms of setting up my company and growing it. My brother Kirubel has been a key point-man in the origination of the company, doing a lot of crucial legwork for the company.
Through our supplier network and our subcontractors, we have created an additional 55 jobs in areas such as the supply of inputs including hand-spun cotton and hand-loomed fabric. As a resident of Zenabwork I am doubly proud that I have been able to participate in elevating the living standards of my fellow Ethiopians in a dynamic and significant manner. We have a outdoor retail shop in Santa Barbara and we would be interested in seeing your line of products. In fall 2009, Victoria and David appeared scantily dressed in the Emporio Armani underwear campaign.
After working in the private sector for a while I had a strong desire to start to focus my business skills on my community, which is one the most impoverished areas in Addis. We line our shoe interiors and strap linings with the fabric made from this organic hand-spun cotton.
We are very excited about the financing program the company runs, which assists workers to purchase their own homes. I knew that there were so many talented people there who could do great things if only given a chance.

We also grew up watching shemmanies hand-loom gorgeous fabric to make netalla, gabbis etc on their simple wooden looms. Customers like Endless, and Amazon and their buying teams recognized early on the value a brand like SoleRebels offered on various levels in terms of fair trade and eco-products, and I’m proud to say that they have manifested that support by carrying over 90 unique SoleRebels styles. We are also very proud of our back2school support program that encourages and supports workers who want to finish their schooling – be that high school or more advanced education. My brother Brook provides a solid addition to the management of the company in his role as Director of Production.
We are deeply honored by that support and we live to validate that support every day by designing and delivering world class footwear to these retailers and their final customers.
We offer people in this program flexible work hours and financial support for their efforts. Its fibers are used in the creation of a range of things – from baskets to tapestries to parts of our shoes.
We also view our retailers’ support as something that needs to be earned over and over in everything that we do for them. Our “tie-back promotions” program, where we tie back a certain percentage of the sale revenue from specified styles to a variety of initiatives helps us to support the education of the children of our artisans. The way they treated other people always struck me as it was always in a manner that dignified and respected the person regardless of who they were. In addition we have an onsite kitchen, which provides breakfast and snacks for our workers.
My parents encouraged me to get higher education and to embrace learning, and they taught me the value of hard honest-to-goodness work. This was devastating for me as I grew up with them — they were my neighbors, my family members. Both my folks have always set a great example in terms of being committed to what they do. We are also about to kick-off a great initiative called Growing Green, with the aim of funding organic gardens in the local community that are run by community entrepreneurs, using a portion of the sales generated from b*knd styles. They instilled in me a pride about working honestly that informs so many of the things that I do.

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