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When most of us first heard that Google was going to make a driverless car, our jaws dropped and a lot of us were excited about the news due to all the good it could bring. The infographic below shows the shocking positive and negative effects that may take place because of the Google Driverless Car. Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.

Nevertheless, if we really stop and think about having a car that no longer needs us to drive it, we may realize what else it will cause us to no longer need. Women have an appetite for the latest gadgets and apps, especially if they all serve different needs (fun…useful…saves money).
The next highest response was more political than personal, with 41% saying that “technology makes it harder for repressive regimes to block information”.

Adoption rates of new services and tools are high, but volatile Blog recommendations lead to good product experience.

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