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The process called for developing a strong, insightful vision and then applying creative technique in unique and precise ways. Each team selected one of our school's character education focus words, and then produced a commercial which advertised the value this concept has in support of the positive climate of our school community.
These commercials, logos and slogans have been produced with tremendous heart-felt emotion and dedication. This project was different and way more challenging than any other project I have ever done. The real value of this kind of creative process is that the hard work and perseverance we put into the production makes the production even more valuable than it already is. I learned that the process of defining our vision and technique in this project was not for the weak-hearted. The process of dealing with so many expectations, and to think of ideas that would meet these expectations (finding the right word to describe Trustworthy, a logo that wasn't limited, a script that was short and very concise) was a struggle.
In the beginning, we weren't paying attention to the right concepts, and our lack of focus minimized our creativity and efforts. I had a vision for our project that I thought would work, but setbacks showed me that sometimes your visions can't happen. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
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Their task was to explore the abstract nature of a concept, analyze in big picture fashion, establish relationship and meaning, and then communicate their message in a clear and direct manner to a broad-based audience. The assignment incorporated the real world experience of having a "boss" (the teacher) who establishes a standard of high expectations (based on a firm understanding and belief in the potential of these students) and who continually pushes them to rethink, redefine, and re-edit so that they strive even more to achieve a refined and profound final product.
Each group also created a representative logo and slogan, which could stand alone as recognizable of the character education word. Below please read the students' reflections on their experiences during the creative process.
You have to come up with the right idea, the right slogan, and the right logo to grab viewer attention and get through to them. But when we applied our knowledge and our deeper thoughts, and maintained a positive attitude, our project really started to come together.
We had a lot of pressure from our peers and teacher, right to the last minute, to make this project the very best.
I was frustrated at how long it took to achieve meaning, but that also motivated me to keep going. We finally realized we needed to really analyze the big picture of our concept, establish a unique and concrete plan, and follow through. These logos and slogans will be used in future LJMS character education projects and signage. It takes time and a huge group effort to have all those elements come together and stand out, just like other memorable commercials (Nike, Gatorade).
I also learned to really be engaged in the work, because when you have developed your best idea, and the project is complete, you feel very accomplished.

With time management, working together, and really thinking through ideas, I realized that everyone in this program is capable of creating great work.
I realize now that the work we thoughtfully and responsibly produce is going to be the best work we will ever do. We worked hard to make sure every detail came together so that our project clearly communicates our message.
You had to have a vision, and you had to use the perfect creative technique to communicate the vision so that people would grasp it.
I appreciate the pressure we were put under, because it made us look at ideas from different angles, and realize that struggle is an essential part of the process to create a project with strong emotional impact. I'm really glad I had the opportunity of this truly challenging project, because it showed me that I can handle the real world.
In the future, I will always look back at the creative struggle we faced, and be proud that we didn't let it defeat us. I see the value of what this project was about, but I guess that I just wanted to create another free-form presentation. Holst to reach high expectations was an opportunity for me to help others find success, too.

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