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Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what to say when your mind talks to you, and what to say when you talk to your mind.
You don't need to spend years searching for empowering ideas that make it possible to live your dreams.
Maximum Strength Positive Thinking shows you how to use positive self-talk to create a new life.
If you don't like what you hear when your mind talks to you, you can use positive self-talk to change the message and push your inner voice in a positive direction.
Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is engineered so that you can easily put it into your mind. If you want to become a positive person, the self-talk and Power Graphics found in Maximum Strength Positive Thinking can make it happen. This is your opportunity to push your mind in a positive direction with Positive Self-Talk from Dr. Although the Self Talk Bookstore is open for business, there are a few places on planet earth where downloads are unavailable.
A wise man once said, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans," and I am inclined to agree. When I was ten years old, my parents gave me a tiny transistorized short wave radio that fit in the palms of my hands.
The universe reveals the mind of God, and the Bible reveals his heart of love.The entire universe is an expression of God's creative power.
It doesn't matter whether you are getting your kicks driving on Route 66, or standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, you can still download positive scriptures on your smartphone and tablet. Your brain is a powerful affirming machine that affirms the negative just as easily as the positive, the bad just as easily as the good.
Feel itIf you were to feel the patience in the first example above, what emotions would you feel?  What physical sensations would your body experience? I’ll be back next Tuesday with lots of examples of positive self-talk for every area of your life and how to create your own.
In the mean time, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic, an excellent book is The Self-Talk Solution by Shad Helmstetter. And, I am thankful, very thankful, voice my gratitude in prayer daily, and voice my gratitude to others. What I've been missing is visualizing and internalizing my name on the dust cover of a book.
I too struggled with the inner voice telling me I was a crock when I first set out with these positive statements. If I find the comment, I'll post it next week with the next post on self-talk and affirmations.
Do you talk yourself out of becoming enthusiastic and hopeful every time you feel good about yourself? This pessimistic thoughts is something many people struggle with, but there’s a much better way. You can fight negative thoughts with optimistic self talk rather than letting an automatic negative way of thinking rule your life.
Many individuals lack the confidence to understand that they deserve to feel great about themselves.
Optimistic self-talk is the process of answering to pessimistic thoughts that go through your mind. Strive to replace your own negative assertions with optimistic thoughts when you repeat your assertions.
Does this imply that there will not be obstacles along the way, or that you’ll never fail? Positive self-talk is not hard and it is worth the effort that is included because it could really change the way you view yourself and the world that you live in.
Discover how you can build a gold savings account while earning commissions at the same time.
Each newsletter contains at least one powerful idea that you need to put into your mind and make a part of your life. Some individuals want a newsletter with a Christian flavor, while others want one with a secular flavor. You have a lot of things to discuss with your mind, and Maximum Strength Positive Thinking tells you what you should be talking about. Birds can say anything they want, even four letter words, without the slightest damage to their mind.

It's the invention of God, and it was given as a gift to mankind so that we could speak our new lives into existence.
Hype makes extravagant claims that have no basis in reality, and hyperbole uses exaggeration to overstate the case.
Self-talk is a form of predestination, and if you can't put your destination into a self-talk format, then it's unlikely you will ever make the trip to your dreams. Your mind is always in replay mode, and much of what it says is frankly wrong and out of touch with reality.
When you are getting pummeled with fifty knots of wind in the southern Red Sea, you quickly discover that there are no wireless towers in the Bab al Mandeb.
I am not sure when and where borders disappeared from my mind, but sometime in the last quarter century, I became a citizen of the world.
At night I laid in bed and listened to broadcasts from around the world, and I imagined myself in hundreds of different destinations on planet earth. The first time I went to Africa, people told me that I would experience culture shock, and that it would be hard to adjust to the compromises required living in another culture halfway around the world.
Some affirmations have been with me for more than twenty years, and the file cards are dogeared and worn out.
In fact, you can download positive scriptures anywhere on planet earth as long as you have a wireless connection simply by visiting Mobile Scripture. When I get up in the morning, I don't have to think about what I am going to do on that day. I made a vision board and on one corner I put I would get offered a contract for my book Wayward Soul by Dec 31, 2010. Do you often begin feeling confident in yourself and your skills, and then drop to zero confidence whenever your inner debate kicks in? These people do not give consideration to the truth that they are the ones telling themselves that they don’t deserve rewards.
Soon it would be second nature to repeat your assertions anytime that you begin to think pessimistically. You can go from being a negative person with no hope for the future, to becoming an optimist who can attain whatever you set your mind to. I tend to be more negative than positive but I was encouraged to start practicing this after I bought a book on amazon, how to banish negative self talk and thinking. The newsletter is short and sweet so you won't have to waste valuable time trying to find the good stuff. The Positive Christian Newsletter is for those who want to organize their lives around positive Christian principles. Your beliefs change about who you are and what you can do, and you actually become a different person. I was allowed two eighty pound bags, and everytime I went overseas, I carried one-hundred and sixty pounds of luggage.
Smart phones and tablets make it possible to reprogram your mind in planes, trains, cars, subways, at work, and at home.
The Bible has lots of examples of positive self-talk being used to make good things happen in the hearts and minds of those who love and serve God. What you say to yourself determines the focus of your mind and helps you reestablish command and control over your thoughts. When I think limiting thoughts, it's usually because I am afraid, and when I think fearful thoughts, limitations suddently rear their ugly head. They are primarly aimed at my heart, and they give me the power to change what is in my heart. The only question is whether your self-talk is positive or negative, whether it makes your life better or worse. Writers need to avoid hype and hyperbole, because most readers are not adrenaline junkies in search of a new high. If you don't like what you hear when your mind talks to you, you have the power to change the message. For the past forty-five years, I have been waiting for culture shock to strike, and so far it has not happened. My daughters think I'm kooky, but I know that they have that thought in the back of their minds, to dare to try, to dip the big toe in the pool, to dream. She mentioned she's signed up for your newsletter, so I popped over here to register, too. But what it will mean is that you will have a much better perspective, which will allow you to hold the very best that life has to offer.

The wheel of change always turns in the direction of your mind, and it's time to turn your life in a new direction. If you want to get in agreement with God about who you are and what you can do with God's help, this newsletter is for you. It doesn't matter if your expectations are positive or negative, you still get what you expect.
In the book of Joel in the Old Testament, the Bible encourages us to use positive self-talk.
On the other hand, when I send fear packing, my limitations disappear, and when I ignore my limiting thoughts, fear melts away as well. They are not easily fooled, and they want honest writing that tells things like they really are. When your mind starts telling you twisted and depressing thoughts, it time to switch to a different channel. Wireless companies are afraid that someone might do more than steal their signal; the pirates might also steal the cell towers. Sometimes I get the feeling that borders are fictional boundaries created by the rich and powerful to maintain their power and wealth. Rather I have a general direction to my life and my bucket list is half a mile long, but my time is in God's hands, and his plan is better than anything I can imagine.
Much later in life I discovered that I was addicted to freedom, and I became a citizen of the world.
Paul White's book, Doctor of Tanganyika, and I instantly knew that I wanted to work as a doctor in developing countries.
The only culture shock I experienced happened when I returned to the USA after being away for nearly a quarter of a century. Your mistakes are not a surprise to God, and He has more contingency plans than you have faults and failures.
My job is to change people's expectations about who they are and what they can do with their lives. I'll let you know how the positive image impacts this effort versus previous failed attempts.
Although the wheel of change turns slowly, it always turns in the direction of what you put into your mind.
Every time you tell other people what's wrong with your life, and how your problems are driving you crazy, you put toxic waste into your mind. If you want positive self-talk to work its miracle in your life, all of your self-talk must be forged in the fires of positive expectations.
A smart phone or tablet can contain a full library of positive resources without increasing the weight of the device by even an ounce.
It turns out that positive thinking is not always positive when you are affirming dark, destructive thoughts. The easiest thing to do on planet earth is to pass out pills to patients, and the hardest thing to do is change their expectations. The Positive Thinking University offers free courses to anyone who wants to become a more positive person. Maximum Strength Positive Thinking is now available in eBook Format at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Positive Christian self-talk puts both feet on the ground and takes you to a miraculous destination. Instead, beat him into submission with positive self-talk from the Positive Self-Talk Store. These folks would be better off if they were parrots, because at least their destructive words would not get into their mind. If these quitters had persisted for a few more nanoseconds, their dreams would have come true. Amazing things happen when people get in agreement with God about who they are and what they can do with their life.

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