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Labeling yourself negatively stems from thinking that you are defective, flawed and un-whole. I remember labeling myself as “slow” when I compared my own performance to some of my peers at an early point in my career. Not just this experience but several, I have come to appreciate that being first in the queue is not always the best.
When you support yourself with more positive self-talk, it becomes easier to raise your vibrations. Uncovering and discovering the different ‘labels’, and putting a new spin on them, can give someone a new lease on life! One of the most interesting insights from Martin Seligman is that our explanatory pattern can limit or enable us through life. If we took the time to see ourselves as an individual who is made up of complex experiences and who wears many hats in one day (child, sibling, student, co-worker, lover, citizen, etc…), I think it would be easier for each one of us to offer the same respect to our fellow human beings.

So, for example, instead of saying that I am a loser, I would say that I am a person who is doing my best to succeed at a particular activity. I would find myself catching up and then performing better – if not just as well – than others. And so you hamper yourself because you say that you are not able to think critically, analyze or learn fast. As a member of the trainee team, we were also supposed to be in some kind of fast track in terms of career progression.
It is the diligence and constant practice to learn the parts that I do not know that has helped. Getting plastic surgery done to improve your looks may help to enhance your confidence but it may not sufficiently address the root cause of your problem: low self-love and esteem. Let us learn from Thomas Edison, famous American inventor and businessman with a record of 1,093 patents.

But certain members of the family, and certain people at work would always make me feel like i was dumb. One of the members openly wondered how without scoring top-notch university grades, I actually made it to the team. As a perpetual learner in the mental health field, I have seen the devastation resulting from the use of labels.
Hearing his comments repeatedly, I soon formed the belief that I would never be quite as good as the rest.

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