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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere. You’re reading this which means you have been presented with the opportunity to experience this day fully. She promised herself she’d be happy when she was thinner, richer, and had a cleaner house. When we put off happiness, all we do is guarantee that today is stressful, hurtful, and filled with longing for the very thing only we can give ourselves – the choice to be present in the moment. People had been cruel to her in the past but she hadn’t allowed it to damage her spirit. What happens to coal when it’s crushed under tons of weight over a long period of time? You are the sum of all the pieces of your life and all the experiences you’ve had are those pieces. You have everything you ever needed to make a life for yourself, all within you, at this moment.

We think that along with setting strong boundaries and asking ourselves what we truly want, kicking these three bliss busters to the curb can make a big difference in your life. Then she remembered she was not a boat, so her will, not the wind, would carry her forward. But good stuff happens too – and often in the very next moment after we think we cannot carry on. We live in a hyper world where immediate answers come flying over the internet to us at the push of a search button. So please, oh please, stop choosing to deny yourself the joy of your own life – right here, right now, as is! You have gumption, intelligence, intuition, a resourceful nature, a keen sense of direction and the ability to shift course when necessary.
Now we’re not suggesting that you need to be under a crushing weight to emerge as a diamond.
You’re like polished sea glass, sometimes tossed by the waves, perhaps rough on some edges, but deeply, purely beautiful and precious just as you are.

But we can remember that we have everything we need, within us, to move forward, seek out supportive, loving companions on the journey.
You have a steel core that can keep you upright even when everything around you is falling down. So let’s remove that obstacle and promise ourselves it is ok, for today, to ask and listen.
You are a beautiful, compassionate, kind, loving, funny, caring, brilliant, innovative woman who has a beautiful, hard as a diamond interior spirit.

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