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The average person will spend nearly 90,000 hours working a€” find out which professions negatively impact your blood pressure, mental health & more. The average person will spend nearly 90,000 hours working, according to Happiness at Work by Jessica Pryce-Jones, so ita€™s important to know whether your profession isna€™t just robbing you of your waking hours but also negatively impacting your health. You might think that being surrounded by sick people would be terrible for your health, but as it turns out, physicians and nurses not only reported a higher than average well-being score according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, but they also take fewer sick days than most other professions.
Although teaching may be one of the most challenging professions on this list, teachers actually report being in good emotional and physical health. From a decreased risk in cardiovascular diseases to a more positive outlook on life, adopting a dog or cat can have myriad beneficial effects on your overall health. Where physicians and nurses landed at the top of the list for healthiest professionals, transit workers are at the bottom and even experience the highest obesity rate compared to any other profession.Aside from inhaling exhaust fumes throughout the day, the sedentary nature of the job coupled with traffic-related stress result in a plethora of chronic health conditions.
Although there are perks to being an administrative assistant, like being close with the boss and the knowledge that the company cana€™t run without you, working within a deadline-oriented profession can create a stressful and demanding work environment. Professions that require employees to work rotating shifts (morning, afternoon and evening) disrupt circadian rhythm a€” a persona€™s sleep cycle a€” and can cause a range of health problems, including breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and ulcers, according to a recent study published by the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine. You are being directed to the web site of our trusted partner that can give you easy-to-understand information about Medicare, and help you learn about policies available in your state. Wea€™ve rounded up some of the best and worst jobs for your health across multiple industries.

Whata€™s more, doctors and nurses practice the best health habits and are less likely to smoke and more likely to eat healthy and exercise frequently.
According to Gallup-Healthways, 90 percent of teachers report having experienced enjoyment in the past day, which is higher than any other profession. Add daily exercise to that list, and ita€™s clear why dog walking is one of the healthiest professions out there.
In fact, transportation workers (bus, taxi, subway, ambulance, commuter rail, streetcar, van pool and limousine drivers) suffer from chronic diseases, such as low back pain, asthma, depression and diabetes, at a rate of 120 percent higher than their counterparts, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.Whata€™s more, transit workers find it difficult to fall asleep at night, resulting in chronic exhaustion, even while on the job, which can lead to fatigue, depression and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
Whata€™s more, work hours arena€™t always limited to 9-to-5, especially if the boss is working late. But if you work in an office, chances are you spend a majority of the time sitting rather than standing.
They are also physically healthier than other professionals overall and report fewer chronic health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, according to Gallup-Healthways. Flowers and plants create a positive, natural and calming atmosphere, which can help improve memory and attention span by 20 percent, according to a University of Michigan study. They also tend to be healthier and suffer from fewer chronic conditions than many other professions.
Sure, it can be challenging juggling peoplea€™s needs and schedules, but the benefits far outweigh any stress your human clients may cause.

Plus, administrative assistants often do a lot of work behind the scenes and dona€™t always receive credit for it, which can lead to overall job dissatisfaction and depression.
In the study, people who had participated in shift work for 10 or more years saw the equivalent of an additional 6.5 years of age-related cognitive decline. If you wish, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a representative, with no obligation. Aesthetically beautiful flora has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as help people achieve a more positive outlook on life. But it takes more than just the exquisite beauty of a perfect rose to keep florists healthy and content. Thanks to manageable workload and autonomy of their daily tasks, nearly 90 percent of florists report being happy in their jobs, according to research conducted in the U.K.

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