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An economic survey out today provides fresh evidence that a fitful recovery is underway as customer demand grows in the third quarter for the first time in more than a year and the jobs outlook brightens a bit. For the first time since the recession began, the portion of companies planning to add employees in the next six months outnumbered those expecting to cut jobs, according to this month’s quarterly survey of economists at 78 firms by the National Association for Business Economics.
Twenty-four percent plan to grow their workforce, 20% say they’ll trim staff and 57% expect no change. More respondents reported an increase in capital spending from the prior quarter, for the first time in a year.
Companies that had rising profits compared with the previous quarter outpaced those that had drops for the first time in nearly two years.

Very Positive Outlook was founded on Christian principles by Valerie Peterson-Kelly in April of 2004, to provide a resource tool for educational programs, family service agencies and other businesses who are trying to get male parents more involved in their programs and more specifically with their children's academic growth. Because time is the most valuable commodity, that any of us have, Valerie's book series entitled "Where's my Daddy?" is the tool used to depict ways that men can spend time teaching, reading, playing and volunteering with their children or other boys and girls who need male mentors. Valerie Peterson-Kelly adds a touch of “real life” to her presentations and brings families on a journey that embraces family cohesiveness and empowerment. These workshops were designed to motivate fathers and father figures to read and write more, volunteer more, and take a more visible approach to their child’s educational growth and development, as well as, providing seminars on father leadership. But he said the survey’s better-than-expected jobs outlook could mean the jobless rate will crest earlier at a slightly lower level.

He cites customers that put off plans for cybersecurity features during the downturn and an upswing in outsourcing by companies that laid off technology specialists. This is accomplished through a series of workshops entitled Reading with Dads and the Family Reading Workshops, which focus on building a reading relationship with Dad or a positive male role model.

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