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With the economy at a low, it hit him that many people who needed glasses could not have them, and that was affecting their education as a result. Now going strong for more than two years, Sight Learning has impacted thousands of young students around the world, donating over $425,000 worth of eyeglasses and organizing several eye-clinics in various nations. Gupta has been recognized as a CNN Hero and has won the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Yash Gupta, and related speakers, have recently spoken at events for Speakerpedia Network Members. HOH creates fun, fashionable headbands, and for every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer and $1 is donated to childhood cancer research. So many college students want to make a difference, and plan to do it “someday.” Jess is living proof that a college student with an amazing idea and a willingness to act on it need not wait.
In her campus keynote, Jess shares her journey creating Headbands of Hope, encouraging audience members to change awareness of issues into action. Jess is a great choice for programs that encourage leadership, social change and making the most of your college experience. Consider her for women’s achievement seminars, new student orientation, leadership conferences, and more.

In this keynote, Jess Ekstrom encourages student leaders to “redefine philanthropy” from a requirement to a lifestyle. During her keynote, Jess stresses the importance of maximizing each opportunity that presents itself during college. Through funny anecdotes (like the time she failed two tests) weaved with practical tips students can begin using immediately, Jess encourages students not to wait until their senior year to get involved. Jess Ekstrom, and related speakers, have recently spoken at events for Speakerpedia Network Members. Being a student with glasses himself, he knew firsthand the effect that glasses can have, and how hard it is to learn without them. As she interacted with children facing life-threatening illnesses, she discovered that young girls loved to wear headbands instead of wigs after losing their hair to chemotherapy. College students can build companies, affect change, and solve problems before graduation, if they have the commitment. She is also a wonderful option for Panhellenic councils looking for an example of a woman who put the value of service into action.
She shares her own stories, tips, and tricks that she found helped her succeed not only during college, but also in building her dream career as a business owner and philanthropist.

Highlighting opportunities like holding positions in student government, running a campus event, or even applying for once-in-a-lifetime internships, Jess will inspire students to focus on making their years in college have an impact that lasts well past graduation. He figured that with more and more technology coming, it is important to have glasses to be able to learn in the classroom.
He thought of this idea in November of 2010, and after working for long hours on a website, he launched Sight Learning in January of 2011.
Most importantly, thousands of headbands have been donated to girls coast-to-coast fighting cancer. Broken down into four key areas students are eager to hear about, Jess walks them through being successful in the classroom, getting involved on campus, being safe on the weekends, and making preparations now for life after college. He realized that many other students at his school must have had similar experiences, and then he thought about kids in inner cities.
Many of them did not have health insurance, so he thought, how could they afford to get glasses for themselves?

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