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This entry was posted in Conscious Living and tagged circumstances, expectation, Fault, goodreads, Huffington Post, personal responsibilty, quotes, Steve Maraboli, surrender, Victim Mindset by Mastering Today. This week, the British people should prepare themselves for the unsolicited EU referendum advice of another member of the Davos elite when Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund publishes her annual review of our economy.
The IMF’s chief economist, Oliver Blanchard, explained that he had been fooled by not looking at the “right facts”. Well, for decades DuPont hid the dangers of this chemical and disposed of it in a manner that was absolutely reckless. The highly regarded pollster Ipsos MORI shows Leave ahead of Remain for the first time ever in its Brexit phone polls. The poll shows no one believes the fearmongering campaign by Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne. The vast majority of people simply want to be left alone to work as they wish and to raise a family and to grow old with the people they love.
Contrary to press stories of civil wars, most of the migration (90%) into the UK has been purely economic that includes to study, many of whom turn out to be bogus students who instead are here to work illegally and for permanent settlement. The idea of federalizing Europe to end war was precisely the cause of a right wing rising all around Europe. In February 1768, a revolutionary article entitled “No taxation without representation” was published London Magazine.
The article was a re-print of an impassioned speech made by Lord Camden arguing in parliament against Britain’s oppressive tax policies in the American colonies. The idea was simple: colonists had no elected officials representing their interests in the British government, therefore they were being taxed without their consent. If you think that a referendum vote on June 23 by UK citizens on whether to withdraw from the European Union (called Brexit, short for British Exit), is simply a proxy on whether the UK should dislodge itself from the edicts of Brussels, think again. The Winners Inner Circle has been created to help you deal with a more general theme of how to make more money and learn new ways to provide for yourself & your loved ones, now and particularly in the future. Those at the top of the financial food chain are positioning themselves now to take advantage of the current financial melt down that we are living through.
Unlike many of you who may be concerned or even down right scared as to what you are going to do protect yourselves, these guys already know how they aim to become even richer at the little guys expense.
In other words the education system was created to create “worker bees”, intelligent & literate enough to work in factories and operate machinery but NOT to join the financial elite.
In the Winners Inner Circle the aim is to to show you innovative ways that you may choose to learn how to protect and grow your wealth despite the fact that we are currently living through what could become THE biggest financial crash of all time. The financial world is a very scary place right now especially for the majority of people who have little or no financial education or business experience. Even if we (hopefully) avoid this doomsday scenario, the financial world has changed forever. However, it’s not the challenges themselves that matter…it’s how we react and handle these challenges. The first thing you should do when you find yourself in a bad or very uncomfortable situation is to pause, take a deep breath and reflect inward. In reality, your mind is frightened and you sense that fear without really knowing fully what it is you are fearing. Because we as humans operate from fear, most times we blow things up far larger than it really is.
Your situation may not be as good as you want it to be, but likely it is not as damaging as your brain is making it out to be. By pausing and reflecting on the worst case scenario you will feel more in control and empowered.

The next important step to take towards changing your focus from negative to positive is to shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have. These may seem like basic enough needs but there are so many people in the world that do not enjoy these blessings on a day to day basis.
When stress is high, problems loom larger and seem much more significant than they really are. In reality, if your basic needs are currently being met, you are doing much better than many people in the world.
Next time you find yourself in a stressful situation or negative circumstance you’ll be able to pause and make a conscious decision to stop your automatic reaction and negative thought patterns and instead use the circumstance you find yourself in to grow inwardly. Feeling fortunate and lucky by counting your blessings on a day to day basis will change your outlook and approach to things and influence how you interpret all those negative situations.
Gold is now riding a six-day winning streak, and is just a few percentage points from setting a new two-year high.
It jumped 16% during the first three months of the year, its best quarter in three decades. This made the institution’s complete failure to predict the biggest banking crisis since the 1930s deeply embarrassing. An internal review concluded that the IMF’s economic models were prone to analytical errors and “groupthink”. But until 2001, it wasn’t widely used for day-to-day transactions like buying a cup of coffee. A gun-wielding man fired twice, and kicked her as she was lying on the floor while shouting “Britain first!” This is warning what our computer has been projecting; if the BREXIT vote fails, there will be a serious rise in violence in Britain.
However, given the extreme levels of indebtedness across the Western world, and the elevated level of “risk” associated with such obvious insolvency, a “normal” interest rate for these regimes would be more in line with a rate of 6 – 7%, if not higher.
And the idea of ‘no taxation without representation’ was revolutionary, of course, because it became a rallying cry for the American Revolution.
It’s morphed into a much broader debate on whether citizens worldwide should surrender their right to a participatory democracy in order to further the interests of multinational corporations, secret trade agreements packed with secret court tribunals, global banking hegemony and central banks attempting to keep all these balls in the air for their one percent overlords. Members of the British Parliament have been warning Mark Carney, head of the Bank of England (BOE), to not engage in political lobbying on the issue of Brexit, which he is perceived to have been doing for months. I will show you ways that my mentors, families and I are making money BUT YOU have to make your own decisions. Those who are willing to open their minds to the possibility of change and more importantly TAKE ACTION will be the ones who will benefit the most.
Financial advisers are still chanting the same old mantra of “put all your money in the stock market in a diversified portfolio.” As a former financial adviser, I believe that this is THE worst possible advice. The financial system is broken. The level of corporate greed and corruption has been exposed and yet these same fat cat clowns are still running the show. I know you are shocked   In the USA the official unemployment rate is 7.7% as of October 2012.
In the Uk at the time of writing (December 2013) the official government figures state that the rate is 2.2% and it will go down next year. If the true rate of inflation is 12% and your savings are earning 2% it does not take a mathematician to see that their value will be wiped out in just a few short years.
However, it does not have to be that way…it’s time to train your mind away from fearful, negative feelings and thoughts to positive ones. It’s just a general uncomfortable feeling that things are not good and so you allow fear to get the best of you. This will help you defend against these bad situations and help you relax because you’ll realize that if that’s the worst that can happen, you will most likely be able to handle whatever outcome occurs.

When we stop to think about how good we really have it we realize how many people are in our lives that love and care about us that we can count on. By taking time to reflect on the blessings that you already have that others do not helps you to put your own problems into perspective.
By owning that and living from gratitude rather than fear that worst case scenario that was so scary to your mind initially doesn’t seem so scary after all.
Happiness and the feelings of joy do not come as a result of getting something we don’t have but of appreciating what we do have. Place this list somewhere that you see it daily and make it the first thing you study when you wake in the morning. The financial joke here is that if any of the Western world’s Deadbeat Debtors did raise their interest rate to a rational level of 6 – 7%, that regime would be quickly bankrupted by (at least) a quadrupling of interest payments, on their gargantuan debt. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, OR FUTURES.
Most people receive little or no financial education and simply repeat the same old mistakes whilst helping the rich, financially literate become more wealthy. My children still leave school with no idea of even how to write a cheque, let alone the intricacies of APR nor compound interest. If I turn out to be wrong and everything in the pension garden comes up smelling of roses then you will have lost nothing and hopefully gained extra income anyway!
In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg started work on Facebook which floated for $100 Billion, just 8 years later.
If this happens greater numbers of people will need to live on welfare and yet most western governments are bankrupt. However in 1994 the then government removed (the figures were looking bad) the long term unemployed. At the same time energy prices alone have risen an average of 10% and a business associate of mine has just been told his contract will be increased by 50% next year.
And although it’s always been around, the lion’s share of evil has also always been perpetrated by a laughably small minority.
As we have warned, we are entering the year from political hell with FOUR major political elections: BREXIT, US Presidential election in November, and the German and French elections. Most people in the Western world have forgotten what “normal” means with respect to interest rates, after the past 7 ? years of monetary insanity. He’s a former Goldman Sachs executive, former Governor of the Bank of Canada and the first foreigner to run the BOE in its 300-year history. ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. In 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first powered, piloted flight in history, less than 70 years later and man was on the moon.In 2011 Richard Branson with his private company, Virgin Galactic is very near to offering space flights to the paying public!
The official figures for unemployment in the Eurozone group of 17 countries is currently over 17 MILLION & countries like Spain and Greece have 50% of under 25 year olds who have no work. These people are known as “discouraged workers” – if they were added back into the figures the rate would be over 20% today!

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