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A few weeks ago, a coaching student asked me to talk about emotional intelligence during a course on positive psychology. Well, to understand any field of research, first look to the questions being asked by the researchers, because, like coaches, scientific researchers know that we create our reality with questions. What do people who are happy, healthy and successful do differently that can be instructive to the rest of us? What attitudes and feelings, such as gratitude, positivity and curiosity, are associated with greater success?
As you can see, both sciences seek to help people become more effective in life, but they look at that through slightly different lenses.
Positive psychology explores what helps people lead happier, more successful lives and become their own best selves. Emotional intelligence focuses on identifying, understanding and using emotions resourcefully.
Although coaches work primarily with positive attitudes and feelings, we need exceptional emotional intelligence to coach our clients and sometimes our clients need us to teach emotional intelligence to them, so they can navigate their feelings and relationships, while working toward success and greater happiness.
The amygdala is the “alarm bell” of the brain and is triggered by threats and stress, which can cause it to grow and become dominant, leading to classic “pasterizing, futurizing, and catastrophizing” thoughts. Fortunately, you can use positive psychology interventions to calm your client now so she can think more resourcefully, and she can use some of these tools over time to help shrink her amygdala and develop a “positivity bias” that will help her become more resilient and successful. Help her design a plan of action and include exercises that have been shown to reduce negativity and increase well-being, such as writing in a daily journal or sharing concerns with a trusted friend the next time she feels panicked.

Julia Stewart, MCC, is a coach, coach trainer and seminar leader who uses her creativity and humor to help people work brilliantly and step into their greatness.
Enter ICF’s Chance to Advance contest to win a 16 GB iPad with retina display and a free, on-site registration to ICF Advance 2014. I would love to have you join me on my radio show Emotional Wisdom Training talking about Emotional Intelligence and coaching.
Blending the wisdom embedded in fairy tales with positive psychology The Way of the Fairy Godmother is grounded in practical applications to enrich life! ICF is the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches, and the source for those who are seeking a coach. It was a great request, because both these sciences help people function more resourcefully for greater satisfaction in life, but they are far from identical. Positive psychology and emotional intelligence are distinct fields, so researchers explore them with different questions. Just as important, studying positive psychology and emotional intelligence can help you understand what really works and what does not. She’s just learned that her company is downsizing, most members of her department will be laid off and she may lose her job. Essentially your client is in the midst of the “fight or flight” response, which can pose a challenge to you as her coach, if you’re not skilled. This way, you help her become aware of her feelings and create a new reality according to what she wants, so she’s likely to weather the current situation well, get the outcome she wants and increase her resiliency in order to meet future challenges successfully.

I just come back from an immersion program with Tal Ben Sahar (Harvard professor on Happiness), which is part of a 11 months certification on positive psychology. I have been told many times I act on my emotions and yet failed to control how I reacted in difficult situations. Formed in 1995, today ICF is the leading global organization, with over 20,000 members, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. With this new blog format, ICF Global is starting fresh, adding only the top posts from the previous blog. Emotional intelligence researchers study how people can perceive, distinguish and understand all emotions—both positive and negative—in themselves and others. Julia founded School of Coaching Mastery in 2007, where she teaches advanced coaching skills, positive psychology and other science-based coaching courses, which lead to the Certified Positive Psychology Coach credential. We review the importance of questioning, listening, as well as concentrate on the strengths of the person, instead on not only what is not working.I personally use in my practice sometimes a tool to analyse the level of Flow (ideal emotion to be creative and to perform), it also helps to identify for a person which competencies are most likely to get the person into the Flow.

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