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Clean positive hip-hop mixed with a little Jazz, R & B, Gospel and even a touch of Rock.
Forming a unique blend of a musical dish that could only be conjured up by this man from the "WHO DAT NATION" New Orleans. Prolific out of a necessity to write about life, and address the poignant issues of our ever changing situations as members of a complex modern society. All of the most important moments in my life are connected to a song, and capturing those moments into something new and original is what I believe all Songwriters are after.

Although playing in churches for 30 years, my training comes from my father’s up bringing.
This is not a seminar of right and wrong, more so, real thoughts on real issues presented in a musical setting that will make you want to move. I attended church services and begin playing for choirs at the age of 17 on the piano for many years.
Presently I am working as a music producer, live musician, music instructor and a songwriter.

So the gift that God gave me from my father’s styles and awesome skill will continue.

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