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Also, this site gets the tweets and Youtube Videos in order to show the user related content from different sources in a single web site. The Spin: The band is currently on their tour in support of Comeback Kid and their highly anticipated upcoming full length effort Die Knowing. I like to think of myself as a musical savant; if I learn anything new about music (or in some way relating to music) I stow it away within the confines of my mind. Pockets on the Stratos are numerous, with pockets for seemingly every purpose, including a soft-lined glasses pocket and a tool roll.
Black is the only colour option, but they’ll be covered in mud before you know it, so no real worry there.
If you feel compelled to help the band out, you can email them here and check out a list of online stores where you can pick up their merch, as well as a statement from the band below. Size equals storage though, and at a total of 23l of storage looks far bigger than the numbers indicate.

There is space and attachments for a bladder system, although there isn’t one supplied. The CE certified back protector should keep you safe if things go wrong and is made from a material originally designed by British scientists for military applications. The pad itself is injection moulded that allows air to travel through it, keeping your knees cool. Hopefully we’ll not have to test them for their intended purpose but the true test of a good pad is one that can be forgotten about.
5 positive things about being injuredPete ScullionPete is Wideopenmag's power house - both on the keys and on the pedals! This isn’t a pack for a bimble around a trail centre, more for a adventure into the hills which is where the back protector comes in handy too. On the plus side, you can choose your favourite system, or you’ll need to finally clean out that mouldy bladder in the cupboard.

The Core Series is the base level below the MKII series but there is nothing unnecessary about the Core series, all the frill trimmed back.
Kevlar inserts should keep them looking good no matter how many times you stave them into the turf.
At ?50 they land at the sensible end of the price spectrum, so time will tell if they stand up to some Scottish winter abuse. He loves hammering out miles on his long-term demo Saracen bikes and exploring big mountains to bring you stories about them.

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