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Positive Thinking Statements Have The Power To Keep Your Attitude Positive And Upbeat Everyday of Your Life! Positive Thinking Statements have the power to keep you energized, excited and programmed for success.
By continually filling your mind with positive thinking you are constantly programming your subconscious mind to build on these positive thoughts.
You should really get in the practice of repeating positive thinking statements to yourself from the minute you awake in the morning until you lie back down into bed at night. When it seemed as though my life was pretty much gone I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a depressive state. If you read my story you will see that I had a lot of really tough challenges in my life and it took all I had at times to just get out of bed.
I soon learned that repeating positive thinking statements had an incredible affect on my attitude. I learned to use positive affirmations to control my thoughts and how I talked to and about myself. Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly. The Greatest Discovery Of Any Generation Is That A Human Being Can Alter His Life By Altering His Attitude. One of the strongest most effective aspects of personal development is the practice of positive thinking, positive believing and positive self-talk.
Personal development is positive personal growth in every aspect of your life and with a positive attitude your efforts to improve your life will not fail. Self-talk is incredibly powerful and if your self-talk is negative your will have poor results, however if you repeat positive thinking statements on a continuous basis you will realize positive changes in your life. Concentrate on those things you have to be grateful for, the power of gratitude is undeniable.

Positive thinking statements and positive affirmations will give you the control of your attitude.
Tell yourself you have things to look forward to, you have past achievements that you can take pride in, you have goals set in your life and you can focus on those goals.
Do what I do and keep journals of everything positive in your life, write down every achievement you have had that really gives you a sense of pride. Use these journals when you may be having a hard time thinking of good things that have happened in your life. Positive thinking statements can help you avoid getting caught up in a vicious trap of negative self talk. I suggest you take some time for yourself and start a journal that all you write are positive thinking statements that you can turn to at any time to use in your life. The more you focus on positive thinking statements the harder your subconscious mind will go to work to bring wonderful things into your life. Practice this, believe in this, defeat those negative thoughts and live the life you deserve. I could certainly help you, there is a lot involved however where there is a passion the work becomes a pleasure. One of The Greatest Personal Success Books Ever Written Subscribe Today And Download It For FREE INSTANTLY! Not Only Will You Be Getting One of The Greatest Personal Success Books Ever Written, If You Sign-Up Today You Also Get My 7 Part Video Series "The Secret Behind The Law Of Attraction" Absolutely Free!
Assertive behavior is a life skill which can be both useful in your inner being, as well as, outward appearance. And while you may not always get what you want, when you want,  you will always know that you gave it your best effort. You can only change what you do; and that a change in your behavior will often afford others the opportunity to behave differently towards you.

Instead, turn every situation into a positive learning opportunity for future behavioral change. Make sure your body language matches your words: people tend to believe what they see rather than what they hear. Believe that things don’t just happen to you – but that you have the ability to make them happen. I decided early in my life to take a huge interest in personal development and I studied every aspect of the subject. I will be starting up my personal coaching services again soon, I am just working out a schedule based around my medical treatments but if you are interested just send me a message using the contact form on this site or you could leave another comment on here as I respond to all emails and comments. Daily stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself how wonderful you are!
When we are assertive in our behavior, we have the strength to resist negative or hurtful influences.
About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable medical disorder which challenges me everyday of my life.
We have the ability to think for ourselves, ask for what we need, and speak up to protect ourselves, as well as, others. I try to use my story to inspire and help others to live up to their full potential in life.

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