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This course will focus on developing Executives to become self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and ultimately deliver high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.
Delegates will examine the concept of having a Positive Mental Attitude, and how they can work towards a PMA in their lives. Simple, easy to understand method of delivery, practical application and produce immediate results.
Applying his knowledge and experience from a variety of industries including construction(as CEO), project management, general trading, shares and options trading, unit trusts and real estate, Vince is able to connect with individuals from all walks of life. In his strive to develop excellence in his endeavors, he underwent various life-changing and powerful programs such as Born To Be Free by IHK (Institute of Hard Knocks), Leadership Program (AsiaWorks Training), Memory Techniques, Born Rich (Robert Proctor), Metaphysics, Master Class Train The Trainer (Result Asia), Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner and MIM Certified Professional Trainer, approved by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).
Vince is also very active in Toastmasters (a public speaking club ) and won the humorous contest twice consecutively at club level.

He strongly believes that training should be practical which is then followed-up with coaching to make the training sessions more effective.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat.
You will also discover how your attitude contributes towards your current communicative and leadership styles, use them to achieve goals and contribute positively towards organizational growth. During this course, delegates examine in detail the fundamentals of the core four known as good health, life-long learning, effective communication, and good organisation skills. Group discussion, role play, case study, self analyzing, experiential learning, presentation and lecture. Constantly seeking to show others how to be more self-aware and get more out of life, he has made training and coaching his life ambition.

His creativity coupled with his sense of humour, versatility and passion to make a difference in the lives of others have compelled him to become a Master Trainer and Coach and work towards building a world where people live to contribute their best.
Today, being a trainer and coach allows him to share a different perspective of the world with others and to connect with them at a very personal level. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. Finally, delegates will discuss the motivation process and how they can work towards reaching their peak performance.

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