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Typically vocal cord dysfunction (vcd) is the sudden, abnormal narrowing of the vocal cords during inhalation causing obstruction of the airflow, and is characterized by a noise that can mimic the sound of wheezing. Children who carry variations in specific genes that metabolize vehicle emissions are more susceptible to developing asthma, especially if they live near major roadways, a study led by scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) suggests.Scientists observed that children who carried variations in two genes and lived within 75 meters of a major road were up to nine times more likely to develop asthma than children who lived further away, says Muhammad T. Administering a substance found in the cannabis plant can help the bodys natural protective system alleviate an allergic skin disease (allergic contact dermatitis), an international group of scientists from Gera number of, Israel, Italy, Switzerland and the U.S.
An agricultural researcher at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has developed a simple process to make allergen-free peanuts. New research indicates that children who receive antibiotics before their first birthday are significantly more likely to develop asthma by age 7. A medical device company that has developed a catheter-based procedure for the therapy of asthma, announced recently that positive results from the Research in Severe Asthma (RISA) Trial were reported today at the annual scientific assembly of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) by Neil Thomson, MD, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.
Did you know?Scientists at Yale have brought to light a mechanism that regulates the way an internal organelle, the Golgi apparatus, duplicates as cells prepare to divide, according to a report in Science Express.Graham Warren, professor of cell biology, and colleagues at Yale study Trypanosoma brucei, the parasite that causes Sleeping Sickness.
A VCD attack can easily be mistaken for an asthma attack though it does not respond to asthma medications.Treatment of VCD relies on correct identification of the disorder using breathing and relaxation techniques to help the vocal cords relax. Your wish may soon be granted now that researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Like a number of parasites, it is exceptionally streamlined and has only one of each internal organelle, making it ideal for studying processes of more complex organisms that have a number of copies in each cell.

Weinmayr noted that the strongest relationships have been found in studies in affluent western countries. During an acute VCD attack, spirometry (a device that measures airflows) can show patterns that are highly suggestive of VCD.Doctors at Columbus Childrens Hospital performed a clinical research study using spirometry in Childrens Emergency Department to try to identify adolescents who had findings suggestive of VCD in comparison to an acute asthma attack. A&T Office of Outreach and Technology Transfer said food companies are showing a strong interest in licensing the process, which does not degrade the taste or quality of treated peanuts, and might even render them easier to process for use as a food ingredient.Immunoassays showed 100 percent inactivation of peanut allergens in whole roasted kernels, and the processed peanuts showed no reaction in tests on human serums from severely allergic individuals.
Thus, it may be that the link between asthma and atopic sensitization differs between countries.Dr. The year-long study (February 2005-February 2006) included patients 12-21-years-old who suffered from acute episodes of respiratory distress.
The study will appear in the journal Thorax, and is now available online.This is one of the first studies to report that children with certain genetic backgrounds are even more susceptible to asthma than if they lived near major roads and did not carry the variations, Salam says. Commonly these substances cause no trouble for most people, but if the skin is sensitive or allergic to the substance, any exposure will produce a rash, which may become very severe.
The discovery could rapidly lead to new therapys directly targeting itchiness and providing relief for chronic and severe itching.The "itch gene" is GRPR (gastrin-releasing peptide receptor), which codes for a receptor found in a very small population of spinal cord nerve cells where pain and itch signals are transmitted from the skin to the brain. The manuscript was reported in the recent issue of Pediatric Pulmonology.Both asthma and VCD are very common, and emergency departments across the country are seeing more and more kids with these kinds of symptoms, said Karen McCoy, MD, chief of Pulmonology at Columbus Childrens Hospital and a faculty member at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. In comparison to patients who received only standard asthma medications, patients who received the bronchial thermoplasty procedure and standard medications showed clinically and statistically significant improvements in pulmonary function, quality of life, and asthma control, and used less rescue medicine nearly 6 months following the procedure.

While they may appear similar to parents, the conditions act differently and must be treated differently. The findings are reported this week in Nature through advance online publication.Chronic itching is a widespread problem. A&Ts School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.Peanut and tree nut allergies are the most severe of all food allergies, affecting approximately 3 million Americans, and causing 100 150 deaths from anaphylactic shock annually and a number of more hospitalizations.
It can be caused by skin disorders like eczema, or it can stem from a deeper problem such as kidney failure or liver disease. In industrialized nations, the allergy has been rapidly increasing in children, for causes that are not entirely understood. One study showed that between 1997 and 2002, peanut allergies in children doubled in the United States.
For some people, chronic itching can be very disruptive, interfering with sleep or giving rise to scratching that leads to scarring.

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