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It's true, it is hard to find good books for our young African American children that they can identify with.
Overview - The relationship between self-esteem and student achievement is analyzed in this book. We have over fifteen years supplying positive, multicultural posters and books to schools, colleges, early years organisations and childminders. On my facebook page, I recently made a connection with fellow mompreneur Sabrina Carter, the creator of Baby Ellington books series.

However when parents yell at their kids, its hard to figure out who the kid is versus the parent.
Till then Download a sneak peak of the Color of Christmas: My African American Holiday Guide!
Learning how to stay calm, cool-headed, and react firmly but positively with our kids in bad situations is something all parents can work on, myself included. When you accomplish your goals and dreams you will be an inspiration for others who are in similar situations.

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