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A positive attitude in the workplace can be a huge difference in the morale of the employees; it motivates and eventually increases productivity. Motivation and job satisfaction among the employees directly affect the outcome in every organization.
Adopting a better quality of working life by facilitating people to achieve self-development, a more challenging job which could provide more advancement and promotional opportunities.
A positive attitude helps deal with stressful and difficult situation and eventually it helps create a more refreshed and competitive environment every day. Employers should help the employees understand what they should do by using methods such as employee development and training programs to inspire the workers to reach their potential.

The managers and team-leaders should be appreciative of everyone who does a good job and gets things done on time. The more they familiarize themselves, the simpler it becomes to get the staff involved in the job as well as in achieving the team and organizational goals. The employees’ feelings towardstheir superior, their peer and their future can be effectively dealt through the staff counseling. A positive attitude in the workplace can help achieve career related goals easily and much faster and inevitably influence the productivity of the entire workforce. An effort to motivate and improve job satisfaction in the organization would benefit both the company and the workforce. They should be especially appreciative of those who go above and beyond what they’re required to do. If the staff feels appreciated and comfortable they will be more loyal and committed to the cause.

Counseling enables the employees to achieve their identity in the company by providing an environment, incentive and support. A positive energy radiates throughout the organization and eventually affects productivity, profits and customer and client relations. Besides, it helps overcome challenges and improves decision making, while taking a business decision a positive approach can open up many options. The appreciation should be fair, specific, sincere and rational and if possible it should be public as public appreciation can be very communicable and motivate a group of people, help them push forward to earn their acknowledgement. They should base the feedback on personal observations and facts and not indulge in favoritism or comparing the employee with someone else.

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