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Home > Opinions > Philosophy > It has been said that a positive attitude is the key to success in life. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t just mean you’ve started a company, it means you’ve set out to begin a conquest of success, failure, and overcoming your fears. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that you must think differently to become a successful entrepreneur.
Many think that “successful” people of this world have created their lifestyles because they were given more opportunities than others or they just have an extra bit of “luck.” This is a sad misconception in society and is simply not true.
My mental state changed from positive to negative and I began to doubt myself, causing termination of the venture.
In my sophomore year, everyday on the mile walk to school, I repeated to myself, “I want to achieve great things. Not allowing fellow peers to project their negative thoughts on me.  I had to push past their negative mindsets and create my own positive one. There were many social opportunities in Bangalore, India.  I met many locals, most of whom had complicated first names and similar last names. After presenting the idea past several colleagues and professors and doing hours of research, I felt that I had hit on something big.  My good friend and current teammate, Hector Rosales, showed high levels of passion for the idea after I shared it with him in India and I brought him on the team. Reviewed the developer bids and awarded a contract to my developer Snyxius that included a strict development schedule. Now, I was able to take the idea from concept to reality.  With our development company, based in Bangalore, India, we spent 5 months project managing them from Tucson, Arizona.
While working through development I faced some mental struggles but was able to overcome them through continually thinking positive. SociaLink is an iPhone application that allows you easily connect friends and new acquaintances to social networking sites instantly upon meeting them. I believe that success is made from a number of factors: positive thinking, passion, persistence, experiencing adversity, and good ideas that solve problems in easy ways. Michael Austin Jacobs is a passionate 20-year-old entrepreneur and student who is following his dream.
The secret, of course, is discovering which attitudes serve us best and then applying them to our daily lives. After talking to, interviewing, and researching peak performing individuals for the past 12 years of my life, I can safely say this: The one thing all successful and happy people have in common is an empowering attitude.

Our attitude is nothing more than a filter or lens that either spoils or enhances the way we see ourselves, other people, and the world we live in.  If we believe the world is a place where we can succeed, then we will find evidence to support that perspective. With some reflection, research, and years of observation, I’ve put together a list of 12 fun and empowering attitudes for success. 3.    If I continue to do what I’ve always done I can only expect to get what I’ve always gotten.
My largest struggle, when developing and creating ideas, has been to maintain a positive attitude and to stay focused on my vision for the longevity of the project. The thing that people need to understand about being an entrepreneur is that you have to think differently than the rest of society. As a freshman in college, I worked on starting a company based on a new website concept for college students. While in India, I made the conscious decision to push myself past all my mental boundaries.
It was extremely difficult to “friend” these locals on Facebook and Linkedin.  One weekend I took a retreat with a few friends into the mountains of India. This meant we had to work in different time zones and resulted in a lot of late night calls.  This is where I learned the importance of using the 24 hours in your day wisely. Keeping a strong mentality and having friends who constantly support each decision I’ve made has been the reason SociaLink has become a reality.
I didn’t create SociaLink to make money, but rather to add value to peoples’ lives and simplify networking and connecting. He is presently a Senior in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, (Tucson, AZ) and planning to graduate Summer 2013 with a B.A. The greatest lesson we can learn is discovering that, through our thoughts, we can literally sculpt every aspect of our lives.
You have to modify your thoughts away from life’s daily obstacles to the future you want and the solutions you want to create in your life.
2012 is my year.” This affirmation, repeated day in and day out, planted the idea of success in my subconscious, and I was able to watch it grow.
I made sure that I experienced everything that I could.  I wanted every minute in India to be meaningful and be a learning experience. During a meditation session, I focused on my passion for innovation and my next business venture hit me.

Without keeping a positive mentality, having like-minded teammates, and constantly persisting, my vision, the dream would not have become a reality. I’ve found that negativity can not only destroy your business but also your mental health!
Ultimately though, the quality of our life comes down to the quality of attitude we showcase each day. So to help with the process, I’ve written each statement in the first-person using “I” so it can become a personal mantra or affirmation that you can easily use each day.  The list is short and simple, but I’m sure you will see the immense power in each attitude for success… your success. Throughout the next few months, I applied and was accepted to several UA programs, including: meeting Warren Buffett, multiple trips to New York City for different entrepreneurial opportunities, personal meeting with the Macy’s CEO Terry J. The Indian culture opened my perspective to the different ways the mind works and my ability to create things within my own life. Most of the time, just being positive or hard working or dedicated or wishing or believing isn't enough.
As you turn your thoughts from negative to positive, your life begins to transform and the world begins to open up to you. Lundgren (after winning a college entrepreneurial team competition), acceptance into the Eller College of Management, and acceptance into the 3-month UA study abroad program in India. Through learning different yoga and meditation techniques of the Indian culture, I learned that anything you have in your life began with a thought. His current venture is SociaLink, a mobile application that simplifies the way people networking.
After the failure on my first company, I was devastated but realized that I had a lot to learn. After making this realization, I began to use this tactic to implement things I wanted in my life. I had a product idea that provided a valuable solution to all demographics and it was easy to use! Staying positive throughout is probably a bit more important because without it, the person is not motivated to work hard or show dedication.

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