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Resilience, for the purposes of this blog, will be defined as a “bend but do not break” mentality. To win the game of business, you have to take the hit; you either skate off or you skate on.
Business leaders covet those people who exhibit the skill, will, and attitude that are essential to profitable growth. The “Magic Sauce”, the Energy Elixir that Will Enable You to Rise Up and Change the Game!
It is the ability to recover and drive forward in life regardless of setback, negative condition, or obstacles. You’ll find yourself in that dark room, the place where consciousness is frayed, will is tested, and the strength to endure provides the only avenue to victory.

We can choose to be an asset to our company and ourselves by exhibiting the intangibles that will make a tangible difference in our lives.
It is the intangible that will create the tangible difference that separates a company from its competitors. It is the way to move forward in your business endeavors and become stronger, personally for the experience. But remember this, life’s rewards will be earned by those who have learned to take the hit and press forward.
It fuels the profit of an organization by empowering those people who have the resolve to find a way to “yes” to create, deliver, and sell the product. In their youth, these players learned physical resilience on the frozen ponds of back-water towns.

Our level of preparation, deep desire, and mental strength will dictate whether we overcome or succumb to its power. These hockey players must now exhibit perseverance under extreme pressure in the ultimate crucible of the playoffs.

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