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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. During the first week of September, we hosted our first Core Values Week and celebrated our three company values: respect and value of the individual, fanatical customer service, and excellence in execution.
Many of our team members talked about being part of a team, working towards the same goals, having the ability to grow with the organization, loving what they do, and feeling appreciated and valued.
For fast-growing, successful companies, promoting a team culture is about creating an environment where team members feel appreciated for what they do, not what they are given.
Having engaged employees that get involved in decision making processes is something that every organization should strive for, and what many successful companies already have in place. Creating a successful team culture can be summed up in the following statement, which is verbatim of how we define our first company value: respect and value of the individual.
Our MissionWe've built Select Security around the promise we've made to the communities where we live and work. In each of our offices, from our Lancaster, PA headquarters to our many branch offices, we've created teams of dedicated individuals who stand ready to share their knowledge with those we serve. We believe through providing our services, we are helping to create stronger, and safer, communities.
Leading up to the event, our marketing team captured short clips of team members talking about these core values and what a compelling place to work, shop, and invest means to them. Too often, employees, not just at Select Security, but at most companies, credit the tangible “perks” of the job as the reason for a positive team culture.
It’s a long journey many companies, like Select Security, have to make when they transition from an entrepreneurial decision-making mindset to engaged team members who are making the decisions. The leader of a company can only carry the business so far, but employees who feel empowered to tackle new ideas, take responsibility for their work, and receive ongoing recognition for the contributions they put forth, can put their company on the path to success. A promise to protect our customers, neighbors, and families from harm by providing them with effective and affordable security and life safety solutions. Every department, from Customer Care to Human Resources, is focused on making sure our customers' needs are always our first priority.
The truth is, you may not always get the kind of job you love and even if you end up being lucky, there are some places where things arena€™t going to work out the way you would expect them to. I was particularly interested in the testimonials our team shared about what it means to be a compelling place to work. Sure pot luck lunches, dress down days, and the occasional work reception can promote a compelling place to work for most employees, but as demonstrated in our company values, it is the respect and value that the company places on each individual that makes team members truly feel appreciated.
That transition is what sparked successful company changes here at Select Security, such as the adoption of SedonaOffice and our current ongoing Sacred Cow Project, which is addressing the way we execute company core processes.

I have always believed that in order to get to that point, it’s important for leadership to foster a work environment that encourages employees to take their skills and talents to the next level, whether it’s through mentorship, continuing education, or consistent and constructive feedback. Because my skills and talents are challenged and appreciated every day, coming to work is something I look forward to. In situations like these, it is important to use a couple of techniques that will hopefully drop your tension and help you stay energized and positive throughout the day.
And after hearing our team member testimonials, the themes of empowerment, responsibility, opportunity, and recognition were evident in their reasons for what a compelling place to work means to them. There are actually quite a number of perks that come with being optimistic at your respective work place. You could be promoted sooner than your co-workers, help the company reach its goals fast; succeed while making projects and what not! One of the most important things most team players do is shouldering those responsibilities that you are not keen on doing but you understand they are a must for the welfare of the team in the future. Your role is to understand the bigger and better aspects here and your effort in allowing it to happen instead of looking at what suits your interest the best.2. Give Your Mouth A Rest:When we speak of giving your mouth a rest, it is time you stop complaining.
And also, no creature has walked on this earth with a soft corner in his heart for complainers.
Not only will this make you feel like a responsible person since you took the initiative but also create a good impression as others will think that you never turned to them for a solution.3. Look At Problems as if they are new opportunities:Another thing you could do in order to stay positive at work is going through problems as if they are a new opportunity altogether. It might come naturally to most of us but it is important to realize that behaviour can ruin our relationships with others. So instead of being sarcastic, say something clever and humorous next time you have to put up with a difficult situation. The more tiffs you get into, the worse it gets for you and your co-workers to stick together.
So the key rule to staying positive to grab negativity by the collar and throwing it away!5.
Sleep well and take enough rest:Now this will come off as a little surprising, but never compromise with your sleep if you want to develop a positive mindset at work.
You must sleep for 7 to 8 hours on a regular basis if you want to show up at work with a positive frame of mind. You shouldna€™t give up on work just because a few situations dona€™t match your level of understanding. When you begin to do things you enjoy the most, you are able to stay positive and satisfied.

And since you are doing something you love, there are chances you will be excel at it more than others.
Towards the end, you will also be making more money and finally fit yourself in a job that caters to your interests.7.
No matter what, it is going to be just another job at the end of the day:Dona€™t forget that your job is just a part of your life. It shouldna€™t matter if you dona€™t like your job or your employees or the people you work under.
It is important to care about your job and make a few changes but when you really start to feel upset about something, just look at the clock and remind yourself that ita€™s just a matter of time. When you start thinking like this, you will be able to utilize the time and enjoy life much better.8. Add a smile to your face:Were you aware that smiling is the best solution to all almost problems? When you smile, not only do you make yourself feel good but also make others feel cheerful around you.
It might come across as a little pretentious at first, but if you really feel like things are going wrong at work, do take the initiative to smile. Always Trust People Around You and Evaluate On The Basis Of Their Progress:If you are the hiring manager or the CEO of your company, always trust the people you have assigned tasks to.
If you allow people to do what they are supposed to, the results will definitely surprise you. There could be a few people who could take advantage of this but that will definitely show in the persona€™s behaviour quickly10.
No matter what job you are doing, there will be times when things will get difficult and uncertain. The trick you need to follow here to look past at the dull aspects and focus on the brighter picture altogether.
Also it is very important to take great care of yourself throughout life whether ita€™s physically or mentally. If you are patient enough and willing to follow all of these steps, you will definitely develop a positive attitude at work.

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