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Share the Love ¦85147000Affirmations are a powerful tool for supporting change in our lives. However, there are some cautions that should be pointed out when working with affirmations. If you are using affirmations and the affirmations you have chosen are totally out of touch with YOUR core beliefs, then you are just wasting your breath. The second gotcha with affirmations is making sure that your affirmations are for the higher good for you and others. Finally, affirmations that do not fit with your general psyche or your “authentic” or higher self will usually not pan out.
While these affirmations are great (as well as any you personally design), here are a few ideas to include affirmations in your life that is fun and helps create a great deal of “stickiness” to them.
Write your affirmation as a song or a special affirmation dance: The other day I was watching one of those reality talent shows. Make your own affirmation audio or video: Put your acting skills or theatre voice in action. Create your own Inspirational Posters: There are amazing free and available tools to take a picture from the web and caption your affirmation on the picture.
As you state your affirmation – spend 30-60 seconds feeling how success “feels” with your declaration.
Used correctly, affirmations can help us shift a limited or diminishing belief into a powerfully energizing and empowering one.
What I mean by this is that you must be able to firmly believe the thing you are affirming is achievable.
No matter what area of your life you are working in (love, money, career, peace), your affirmation can never take something away from you or someone else in order to realize the affirmation.

Most teachers will tell you to design your affirmations using the key points above, but also to make sure your affirmations are short, easy to remember or write, and that the words are highly inspiring to you.
If you are a drawer, draw your character, and if not, write your character’s name in big bold letters on a piece of paper and write a little story about your new hero. One of the contestants was two brothers that were of American Indian descent and they made up this little ditty about a “Rain Dance”. I can so see myself doing the dishes singing my little millionaire song and doing my little millionaire dance. Write a small script that is loaded with your favorite affirmations and either record your affirmations for future listening or make a video. Making serious changes in your life is important, but nobody said it couldn’t be fun.
Affirmations have been used for centuries, including within many religious rituals, and many self-help and spiritual teachers promote affirmations as a primary life transformation tool.
For instance, if you start out affirming every night and day that you are a millionaire, yet you still fret over bills and insist on shopping at Wal-Mart instead of Target to save a few bucks, then your mindset of scarcity will negate your affirmation work. Also, you cannot affirm for others, including affirming that you are going to be with a specific person in a relationship. Because your inner self is shaking its head “no”, while your ego self (outer self) is passionately repeating your affirmation.
Get kids involved as soon as possible in empowerment work like this to help reinforce their self-esteem, creativity, and individual power. What you are doing is attaching your archetype persona into a story about your goals and future success with them. Use the affirmation practices you put into place as part of the growth process going on in your life.

You can affirm for a loving relationship, or a respectful cooperation from others, but you cannot specify a person. Remember, the affirmation process is a technique to help change or strengthen a belief or behavior. Being this specific in your affirmations may totally limit the potential you hope to gain in your affirmation, plus you really do not have any say in what someone else wants or doesn’t want in their life.
Making sure that you are using affirmations that are extremely relevant in your life is the best way to make this practice a powerful one. If one aspect of your affirmation practice is not working, or if the affirmation itself is getting flat, then change them! Another example is affirming you want to be a famous chef (because the cooking shows make professional cooking look like such a fun job), but never really having any motivation or experience in cooking before now. Later that night, I found myself singing the lyrics, “Do the rain dance, yeah, do the rain dance.” It made me smile and gave me the idea to attach an affirmation to my own special song, or with my unique style of dance.
By sharing on the web, in your social media streams or on your blog, you are confirming in your conscious mind your commitment to your affirmation. There are many free tools on the internet to record your voice for playback or to create a MP3 file and also many video recording options, including YouTube.

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