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In your Journey, begin a practice of Positive Affirmations to constructively make change in your life and Remember To Smile Your Day Will Be Brighter…. This entry was posted in Inspiration and tagged actions, affirmations, circumstances, Louise Hay, positive change, situations, The power of repetitive affirmations, thoughts, words by Mastering Today. One very effective self-development exercise is to use positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem. There might not be many words in this particular affirmation, but it is certainly a very powerful one. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest fitness gear, nutrition tips, weight loss and muscle gain guides by signing up to our newsletter!
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Claiming your willingness to accept change will allow the universe to begin gifting you with wonderful and mind-blowing opportunities.

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They do not believe themselves to be deserving of the good things that can happen in their lives.
When you state your willingness to accept change you will be able to experience major growth. If your self-confidence is low, why not try a few of these positive affirmations for boosting self-esteem?
A person might say that she does not deserve a promotion because she is not good at her job. A husband can say that he doesn’t deserve his wife because he is not good enough to have such a phenomenal woman. If you feel as though you have no power, write this statement down and start reflecting on what it means.

While there is not a set of rules for positive thinking, these three affirmations can help you begin.
A young girl can say that she does not deserve to have ice cream because she has packed on a few pounds recently. Just remember that you are deserving of a happy life, that you are able to make decisions for yourself and that you are willing to accept change when it comes your way. Print this affirmation and post it one your wall so that you can see it and read it out loud each and everyday. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to start living the life of success and happiness that you truly deserve!

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