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Last night, a Facebook friend posted that she gets up every morning and spends a few minutes reading her morning affirmations. It’s no secret to most of you that finding a sufficient volume of new inventory has always been my biggest struggle with Amazon FBA.
Normally when I start sourcing, I normally say one of these two things to myself: I never find anything, so why am I wasting my time (negative) or I will find 10 profitable items today (goal-oriented). Subscribe and Get a FREE FBA GuideOrganize your business with a task list, calendar & time-saving tips!Plus a Bonus Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet!

I published a post on my old blog that talked about how visual cues (also known as affirmations) are powerful for helping to manage your personal financial life. I no longer post on Escaping Dodge, but those coasters you see in the post still have a prominent place in my home and help to remind me to be wise with my money. By Jan Marie Leave a Comment Like a child, I look at the world with awe, finding new possibilities and adventures each and every day. You made me commit to things that needed to be done in helping me move forward in all aspects of my life.

And while the saying "Change your thoughts, change your world" seems simple enough, it just is not that easy to do.

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