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Well, that sounded very familiar to Michael even though he thought of himself as “Mr. Michael had a wake up call when he heard Suzanne Glover on the radio and realized he held negative beliefs that kept his life running in a loop. Because most positive thinking practices encourage reciting generalized or surface affirmations or positive phrases that do not address the root cause of your frustrations. Learning how to create EFFECTIVE customized affirmations is important and hard to find, but even more important is the delivery system you use to input your customized affirmations.
Learn how to find your negative thinking patterns and change them into positive thoughts that make your life work! Beliefs that you know are stopping you… and more importantly, beliefs that keep you STUCK WHERE YOU ARE NOW! The core concept of this program is often left out of success training, but is a key element in going beyond positive thinking and making your dreams become reality.Level Two builds on the foundation you created in Level One.
The Effective Positive Thinking program is YOUR ANSWER for finding the source of your negative thinking and then learning energetic techniques for becoming a money magnet! A study was recently published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The researchers gathered two groups of people, those with low self esteem and those with high self esteem. The researchers concluded that the low self esteem group felt worse because the expectation of "feeling lovable" was too high for them to believe. If the concept of "Self Help" were as easy as simply repeating self affirming phrases then I could well agree with the conclusions reached by these researchers. In fact, any good self help book goes into the entire explanation about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. For example, if someone misses the bus on the way to work and concludes "I am just a failure," they can examine the evidence.
The best self help books, as exemplified the one that we have, are based on doing things like using meditation to relieve stress, engaging in deep muscle relaxation, applying CBT methods and other sound practices. There is no doubt that if this does not succeed in helping a person feel better, then, the next step is psychotherapy. It is important that readers use care when learning about the "latest research." I often meet people who quote facts from this study and that. Using candles as therapy has been around for thousands of years, and has been practiced by nearly every religion. Our richly, scented 6 pack of votives are created with the finest ingredients and we offer a broad selection of scents and positive affirmations. Citrus Collections is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to energize and refresh your spirit with an uplifting splash of nature's own cleansing aromas. Four Elements is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to embody one of the four basic elements of our universe. Flower Garden is a set of 4 candles spectacularly colored to invoke the freshness of Spring with an uplifting splash of nature's own floral aromas. Good Health is a set of 4 candles created with the positive intention of keeping good health in mind.
Halloween Lights is a set of 4 candles created to celebrate the traditions of All Hallow's Eve. Healing Garden is a set of 4 candles using essential oils of some of the most popular therapeutic plants. Love is a set of 4 candles and scents that are celebrated for their sensory qualities such as Patchouli, Rose, Clove, Lavender, Dragon's Blood, as well as the magical properties that many believe they possess.
Meditation is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to help you reach your inner space whenever you need to reflect on life's journey.

Prosperity is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to embody one of the four basic elements of prosperity. Protection is a set of 4 candles created to embody the elements of protection: being aware, being grounded, being familiar and being open. Romance is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to embody one of the four basic elements of romance. Winter Wonderland is a set of 4 candles uniquely created to enhance the precious moments that the season creates. Woodland Wonders is a set of 4 candles created to release the possibilities of a secret world in the depths of a tranquil forest. These are large pillar candles, measuring approximately 3 x 6 inches tall and will burn 60 - 70 hours.
The Chakra are energy centers in the body, which correspond to major nerve ganglia and also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much more.
Four Scented Votives to not only invoke the essence of aromatherapy for healing, but to bring energy to any room. These "Priority of Life" kits are fun, educational, and a reaffirming way of creating positive energy, confidence, and the desire to achieve what you want in life!!
My Negative Energy Kit has been created with genuine ingredients obtained from historically true and positive sources. My Negative Energy Kit works with the traditional cleansing elements of water, fire, air and earth as I infuse a combination of negative energy fighting tools including sea salt, crystals, incense, herbs, essential oils, candle and color, which are harmonious with the work to be done. My Negative Energy Kit was designed to cleanse and clear negative energy from any room, home or large space that needs protection. This kit comes complete with every element you need to rid yourself and your surroundings of malicious, negative energies and the approach to keep it clear forever!
Discover the many ways these natural mood enhancers can complement any romantic love experience. Scent has been used for centuries as a powerful cleanser of negative energy and for clearing away the old to welcome the new. Healing variety of herbal teas, herbal tinctures, green whole food powders, herbal granules and tincture formulations for many ailments! Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. With the Effective Positive Thinking Program, you learn how to discover what’s causing your frustrations in the first place. With the Effective Positive Thinking Program, you learn an effective “10-step” delivery system that harnesses breathing,visualization, hypnosis and tapping to input your custom affirmations. You learn how to EFFECTIVELY PRACTICE VISUALIZATION, which is a technique imperative to your success in life, by applying simple ACTING TECHNIQUES to put yourself “into the scene” of your desires and feel the necessary emotions. You harness TODAY’S GREATEST TECHNOLOGIES for getting tangible results without having to figure out what to do. The benefit to using this type of technology is that since the affirmations or positive phrases are not heard by your conscious or critical mind, they do not get discredited. The members of each group were asked to repeat the self help phrase, "I am lovable." The psychologists then measured their momentary sense of self esteem immediately after repeating the phrase. However, if anyone examines the excellent "Online Self Help Book" that we have on Mental Help Net, they will find that a lot more is involved than simply repeating fake positive phrases. CBT is not based on memorizing superficial affirmations that a person cannot and will not believe. The line has been lovingly and mindfully created to celebrate life and it's special occasions. Our votive candles are made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade, wicks constructed from cotton and paper and essential oil blends.

It includes Wisteria for healing, Frankincense for protection, Rose for love and Lilac for creativity.
Rich in the scents of Fall, these beautifully scented candles bring back memories or help you to create new ones!
Included in this set are Holly Berry, ripe and fruitful, Poinsettia, the symbol of Christmas, Balsam Fir, the scent of the season and Candy Cane, to entice the sweet memories. These candles are about bringing the right intention to you in order to bring about what you desire!
Ideal for use in meditation, chakra rebalancing, relaxing to music, or sitting in your sacred space.
One of the most beneficial and powerful means of meditation healing is by arranging candles in geometric layouts around yourself or an individual. My formulas for combating negativity and malicious energies are the result of my work and research with thousands of different case studies.
This is a complete system, leaving no stone unturn in its approach to achieving your specific goal!
This set utilizes aromatherapy in unique ways with our aromatic Healing Candle and power Affirmation, Aroma-scented colored sea glass Potpourri in a hand-woven Chinese pouch and a pack of Sandalwood Incense. It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place and much more!
The study was conducted by psychologists at the University of New Brunswick and the University of Waterloo. Those with low self esteem felt worse, and, those with high self esteem, felt better after the reading and repeating the phrase. Rather, it asks people to examine their thoughts and whether or not those thoughts are based on concrete facts and evidence. Each collection comes with four square candles uniquely designed with complementary colors and scents, and wrapped with a beautiful illustrative band. Use these wonderful scents to create an intention, bring about change and engage the help of your angels! Relax, be carefree and enjoy the lilac of early summer, the sunflower of late summer and all the green breezes and rain showers that fall in between.
These are positive affirmation kits that help you to connect, learn and help you get focused. These are tried and true solutions for working against those energies, that wish to suppress our creativity, our ability to grow and our loving spiritual connections!
They each come wrapped up with a powerful affirmation on the outside of the candle to help you bring your wish to fruition! Priority of Life kits are a wonderful "tool" to help you achieve your ultimate goal: BALANCE. These are the exact same solutions I give my patients and now offer to anyone wishing to improve and protect their life path. Each kit contains the specific ingredients for completing your "Affirmations" and also contains herbs, a candle, essential oil, incense and complete instructions. It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place.

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