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This is the last part of my three part series on Positive Affirmations. In part one, Why They Don’t Work! If you aren’t familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), it is a simple yet powerful self-healing tool.
Most people think of EFT as a tool for clearing negative beliefs and emotions and it truly is a wonderful tool for that. When I work with clients on clearing negative emotions, memories, or beliefs and we are at the point where they are feeling less charge around the item; it is time to move to the positive. This step takes the pressure off of you and gives you space to get used to a new way of thinking about yourself. Once you have worked with the first two steps, then you can move into an actual affirmation that feels true and positive for you.
In some cases, you may keep running into other negative memories, self-talk, or beliefs that pop up.
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Use these affirmations as often as possible. Our subconscious mind controls more than 80% of our lives, and therefore it is necessary to use these affirmations often. Below are some great positive thinking quotes that haveinspired and helped me through life.
Positive quotes give you hope to carry on through tough timesand the drive and enthusiasm to make the most of the good times.
Using a process similar to acupuncture or acupressure, you tap on certain energy meridians on your body while stating emotions and beliefs.
But along with clearing out the negative, EFT is also a powerful tool for locking in the positive.
If you try to begin positive affirmations too soon, you short circuit the process and you don’t really have the ability to think about or believe a positive statement. For instance, let’s say they have a memory of their mother telling them they were stupid when they were four.
If she were to start saying affirmations like, “I’m really brilliant.” “I am actually very smart!” these might be too far to jump and not believable to her subconscious.
When we use EFT (sometimes known as “tapping”) along with positive affirmations correctly, we are actually able to lock in new and positive pathways in our brain.

I discussed the remedies for overcoming those barriers that make affirmations work more consistently. Whenever you want to change an old belief, habit, or thought process you must have something to replace it with.
In this last blog we will pull it all together to create a powerful process for correcting and locking in more positive and believable statements with EFT. Writing believable positive affirmations reframes for us a new perspective and new neural pathways can form in our brains. You need to allow for the fluidity and just stay conscious of whether your affirmations feel aligned and internally congruent.

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