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When you get it right, a vision board will help you attract anything you desire as a result of the Law of Attraction.
A vision board that is done right should include images that matter to you personally, not some general opinion of what people want for themselves.
If the Idea of a dream board does not come from the heart with the determination that it will work no matter the distractions of the “Doubter’s and “Nay Sayers” It will only be a board of pictures, to gaze at. When you have finalized your idea of a the life of your dreams, it’s time to start looking for the images that match each desire.
Online – This is the best resource for finding those awe inspiring images that will kick your Law of Attraction journey into high gear. When you finish getting all of your images together for everything on your list, it’s time to boost their effectiveness with positive affirmations. Everyone really wants to do something, but there are few that will put forward the needed effort to make the necessary sacrifice to secure it. After you have finished cutting everything out, arrange everything so that the most important things are at the focal point, then place everything else around those.
Remember to make sure you play with it for a day or two until you are satisfied happy comfortable and confident, then all your aspirations’ will befall you quicker than you can imagine. Nothing more than free advice, as you feel ready and “Stick “ the board together, then it will be set in concrete for ever!!
Glue, magnetize, or pin each image in place and take a step back to admire your masterpiece. When all of your dreams have come true, be sure to practice gratitude for everything you have.
Be careful of your desires, make a mental picture of what you want and set your will to this until it materializes. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give. The worlds roads area paved with GOLD all you have to do is open the right door in your mind and take the first step.

But what does it take to create the ultimate collage of images that evokes the positive changes you want in life? Let’s take a look at how you can make your vision board a potent concoction of inspiring and change evoking images. To get yourself in the right mind frame for the search for the perfect inspiring images, do a little visualizing first.
Simply type in the search what you are looking for and select from the entire results for your perfect image. For each image you want to include on your vision board, write down something short and to the point. It might not sound like much at this moment, but when you have it all finished and you are looking at it, you’ll know the great power it truly has over your positive energy level. However, if you don’t know how to use it you might as well have done it all for nothing. Believe that every single thing on your vision board is a part of your life and that it is all on the way right now. Carry this feeling of certainty and happiness with you throughout each situation on a daily basis and watch as your reality transforms to match that of your vision board. You become so grateful that it takes over your life, and you can’t find enough opportunities in a day to give. Well, for one thing it takes a positive mind and for another, it takes a certain kind of technique. Think about how you want to live your life, who you want to live it with, what you want to have, and all of the things you want to accomplish. In order to have a complete vision board that really says who you want to be and what you want to have, it takes some soul searching. A great way to do this is by using Google images to narrow down the results to pictures alone.
Bring out the collection of dusty magazines or ask for the old copies that others are throwing away.

Whatever makes you feel like nothing is stopping you from achieving all of your goals is what you should include. With every look you will automatically recharge that motivation for maximum Law of Attraction magnetism. So though this is the very last step to creating a powerfully effective vision board, it is the most important step of all.
Make it a priority to just look at it without distractions for 5 minutes or so throughout the day. Let the details of having what you want fill your mind and really feel what it’s like to live that life. You give joy, you give love, you give money, you give appreciation, you give compliments, and you give kindness. Write anything that really stands out on a notepad, creating a list of what matters to you. You need images that will really power you up and create a positive energy that you feel in every cell of your body.
For those that have the cash to spare, try investing in a few specific types of magazines based on the images you want. You can print the words out on paper and cut them out or get in touch with your artistic side and do your own bubble letters – whatever works best for you.
If you are the kind of person that changes their mind, use the magnetic surface or cork board.
Realize that everything you want can come to you with the right attitude and serious focus.

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