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You can be the person who is always there, the person who listens, the person who is just… good. But if you ever feel like you’re getting impatient or angry when you’re around someone with anxiety, just find a good excuse to leave. As much as your friend actually needs you to be there, they also kinda just want to feel as though you would be there for them if they really did need you. One of the best ways you can help someone with anxiety is to give them excuses to be mindful. Another great way to help someone with anxiety is to reinforce the positive things they do.

On TheDailyMeditation’s Facebook Page and Twitter Page we share positive quotes and images, and create a community of positive people. But there are ten kickass ways that you can truly make a difference in the life of someone with anxiety. But odds are there will be a couple times when you feel impatient with someone with anxiety. And one of the best ways that you can help someone beat anxiety is to know what you’re up against. You might want to read the critically acclaimed (and totally brilliant) The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook.

This affirmation card is from the I Start My Day With Love positive affirmation card set that Robyn Nola and Karen Drucker co-created. So if you suffer from anxiety or if you know someone who has anxiety, let me just say: it’s a normal thing.

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