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Real Work At Home Job IdeasThis site is dedicated to compiling ideas of real work at home jobs.
This beautifully illustrated box of 52 cards will teach children how to use positive affirmations to develop their sense of self worth and to build their confidence. Tags: confidence children, positive affirmations, Positive self talk children, self esteem kids. Latest from FacebookIndigo Kidz 1 month ago A Calm Down Kit is a toolbox of strategies and items that a child can use to manage stress and anxiety with confidence.

These jobs consist of things you can make at home for re-sale, companies that are hiring work from home positions, and opportunities for making money on the internet.
The cards can be used in conjunction with the Indigo Dreaming Book of Meditations for Children or as a wonderful resource on their own.
Therapist and blogger, Emily Roberts, provides tips on how to build your child's self-esteem. Topics include CBT, self-esteem, substance use, positive psychology, relationships and more.

The card deck includes a booklet outlining different activities and ways of using the cards.

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