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0 Comments   motion of an object is always constant centripetal force is a force towards the center.
This video explains the concept of gravitational field which is a theoretical way to explain the impact of one body over another separated by a distance.The mass M of a planet is uniformly distributed over a spherical volume of radius R. Notice that if r gets bigger (an object goes higher), the gravitational potential energy increases (or becomes less negative). Calculate the energy needed to de-assemble the planet against the gravitational pull of its Constituent particles.An artificial satellite revolves around a planet in a circular orbit whose initial radius is n times the radius of the planet.
Using calculus, we take the integral of the force from the starting position to the end position. If the object moves lower, it gets closer to the Earth, so the gravitational potential energy decreases (becomes more negative).
Believing that gravitational forces were responsible for each, Newton was able to draw an important conclusion about the dependence of gravity upon distance.
Assuming that the satellite experiences a resistive force due to cosmic dust that depends upon the velocity v of the satellite as F = kv2 where k is a constant.
This comparison led him to conclude that the force of gravitational attraction between the Earth and other objects is inversely proportional to the distance separating the earth's center from the object's center.
At the instant when its distance from the sun was ro, its velocity was vo and the angle between the radius vector ro and the velocity vector vo was equal to ?. And since the force acting to cause the apple's downward acceleration also causes the earth's upward acceleration (Newton's third law), that force must also depend upon the mass of the earth.

So for Newton, the force of gravity acting between the earth and any other object is directly proportional to the mass of the earth, directly proportional to the mass of the object, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separates the centers of the earth and the object.But Newton's law of universal gravitation extends gravity beyond earth. Three satellites, of equal masses, are orbiting around Earth in the orbits with the same semi-major axis, as shown in figure.
Which of the following is the same for all the satellites, a) Time Period b) Total Mechanical Energy c) Binding Energy d) Angular MomentumA satellite is orbiting close to the surface of Earth. This force of gravitational attraction is directly dependent upon the masses of both objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separates their centers. Its speed with respect to the satellite (a) will be less than ve (b) will be more than ve (c) will be equal to ve (d) will depend on direction of projection.A tunnel is dug along a diameter of the Earth and a ball of mass m dropped in it as shown in figure. What additional velocity has now to be imparted to the space-ship in the orbit to overcome the gravitational pull? Assume that the transfer path is tangential to the orbits.A satellite which appears to stationery with respect to the surface of Earth is called a Geostationary satellite. Determine the mass of the earth from the data provided.This video explains in detail the three Kepler's law governing the orbital motion of a celestial body around any central body.
At what speed must they move if they all revolve under the influence of one another's gravity in a circular orbit circumscribing the triangle while still preserving the equilateral triangle?A solid sphere has mass M and radius R. Deduce the gravitational force on a mass m, which is at a distance r from O along the lines of centres.Two masses m1 and m2 at an infinite distance from each other and initially at rest, start interacting gravitationally. Find their velocity of approach when they are at a distance 'r' apart.Imagine a light planet revolving around a very massive star in a circular orbit of radius r with a period of revolution T.

A double star (a system of two stars moving around the centre of inertia of the system due to gravitation) has a mass M and its period of revolution is T. What should be the maximum distance of the satellite from the earth?Find the gravitational force between a point mass and a uniform rod of length L in the two positions shown in the figure.Two satellites are moving round the earth in common plane in circular orbits of radii r1 and r2.
What time interval separates the periodic approaches of the satellites to each other over the minimum distance?Two satellites S1 and S2 revolve around a planet in coplanar circular orbit in the same sense. When S2 is closest to S1 find the speed of S2 relative to S1 and the angular speed of S2 actually observed by an astronaut in S1.This video illustrates the equation of gravitational force or gravity at the surface of the surface, at a height above it and at a distance inside it. It also explains the variation of gravity at equator, pole and all over the surface of the earth called gravity anomalies. Find (a) the angular momentum of the planet about the centre of the sun (b) Show that the total mechanical energy of the system depends only on the semi-major axis of the ellipse.A particle of mass m is projected in the vertically upward direction from the earth's surface with a velocity that is just sufficient to carry it to infinity.
Find the time taken by it in reaching height h if R is the radius of the earth.A point mass m is placed at a distance of x from the centre of a ring of mass M and radius R on the axis of the ring. Visual Physics will change the process of education Milind Jain, AIR – 9149 I had missed my lectures on Pure Rolling and was struggling to understandthe concept. Patiala, Punjab "  In a small town there was no one to clear my doubts.

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