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This stream aims to develop our personalities in the light of the Quran, the glorious and fine example of Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ???? ) and the ethical values promoted by all divine religions including Islam. God created this world for a specific test of human beings: Purification of their souls’ which is another name of ‘personality development’. The model we have adopted for personality development is depicted in the following diagram.
Personality Development has two aspects: eliminating the negative aspects of one’s personality and developing the positive ones. On the top of that, if you are facing any problem related to your personality development, feel free to contact. Personality development is a term which we often hear from our teachers, mentors, self-books and also seen in institute and in learning centers banners. With everything from your wardrobe to your workplace getting a facelift, there is little reason why you.. We will attempt to develop and enhance the positive attributes in our personalities and at the same time try to get rid of our negative aspects. And inspired it with knowledge of what is wrong for it and what is right for it: Indeed successful will be the one who purifies it, and indeed failure will be the one who corrupts it! The message of the Quran does not discriminate between humans but invites everyone to understand this message regardless of his race, color, caste, nation or creed and after that; they are free to choose whatever path they like.

The heart of any personality development system is the ‘correct relationship with the Almighty God and His prophets’ which is described in Unit I of this program. You are requested to think about them and share your views, experience and knowledge with other participants of this program.
Personality development is described in the Quran as the primary objective of religion, and.
Without such connection, it is not possible to develop a proper personality and a moral character.
We have a perception that personality development is how we look, speak or how we easily connect with other people. In addition, a series of lectures and presentations is being recorded and will be made available soon for the benefit of all participants.
But it is not so, personality development is none of this. Personality development is different from what we think. It is sometimes considered as improving the way we think, act, feel, behave and carry ourself. The last unit of this series is development of our vision and the role we have to play for development of a morally-conscious global society. It is not improving single aspect of an individual, rather it is improving cluster of qualities.

Before you develop something it is necessary to know about yourself which is same with personality development.
Never feel shy to project your opinion fell free to tell it. Ready to meet different kinds of people it helps to expose yourself. If you don't have interest in anything you look monotonous and dull so try to develop new interest. Good personality questionnaire informationpersonality development, mumbai, india behaving responding. Societys personality changes psychological andpersonality development courses,abstract processes,read how childrens. Conglomeration of psychologys mostjul , beliefs, values anddevelopmental psychology towards .

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