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Put out bowls of salt and colored water with syringes to play with and to help the ice melt faster. This is a great opportunity to teach older kids about the parts of the brain and what they do.
The brain is made up of distinct areas where various functions are processed and controlled. Frontal lobe:  Manages decision-making, problem solving, control of purposeful behaviors, consciousness and emotions.
Temporal lobe: Manages visual and auditory memories, language and some hearing and behavioral aspects. Brain stem:  Controls essential life functions such as breathing, blood pressure and heart beat.

Also, I figured this is the best time to chat about that whole Left Brain Right Brain thing…  The brain is separated into two hemispheres, the right and the left. After all this play, we decided we were hungry :)  So we played zombies and ate some Jell-O brain. Once the Jell-O has set, dip outside of mold into a bowl of hot water to help loosen the brain. I have to confess that I was never tempted to play brain surgeon as a kid, but I’ll keep this in mind in case one of my kids gets into it! Just wondering (1) how long the slime takes to set up into the mold, and (2) how quickly it collapses once out of the mold? I was wondering if I could use a picture of yours in my new YouTube channel that I’m making.

Hi Sam, unfortunately, I utilized purchased clip art to make the image and my license is not transferable. It doesn’t take very long to set, I think we just pushed it into the mold for 10 seconds or so. Please let me know soon, I just loved it so much and I thought it was perfect for the the channel I want to create!

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