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Of course, as I rushed to point out on Monday morning, the club has had a whole lot more going for them lately than their record suggests. The starting pitching and the bullpen coming around to far better places than they were through a tumultuous April only will help that.
What the hell kind of an amazing thing might that be, and why the hell can’t it actually happen?
It’s so easy to have it all go wrong, and maybe I’m just being wildly optimistic here, but why not? Could be that a lineup of reyes, donaldson, bautista, Encarnacion, and Martin might just be too good to keep down, no matter what fodder you throw after it.
Agreed… I read the comments section on a Blue Jays article over at Sportsnet a few days ago. Im optimistic about our pitching and our overall offense but I do worry about our outfield. With the nl ahead and jb already sitting 2 days if we could just convince him on a 15 day DL to slow himself to recover. The current Jays outfield is definitely nothing anybody could have predicted at beginning of season: Kevin Pillar, Ezequiel Carrera, Danny Valencia and Chris Colabello, with passable defence and more than adequate production, however inflated ATM by BABIP and platoon splits. It’s clearly not a tenable situation, but as long as they keep producing and not losing games with their gloves, it may buy the Jays enough time to get Bautista healthy.
Fans starting the wave in the 8th or 9th inning of games this last week in which the Jays were down by a run suggest those particular fans deserve nothing, other than maybe a boot in the ass. Remember when we had garbage clowns calling him and Donaldson terrible acquisitions…. I have a friend who plays old-school 5×5 fantasy and generally has a pretty decent knowledge of the game and he laughed in my face when I proclaimed that the Jays had just acquired the 2nd-most valuable player in baseball over the last 2 years.
With yesterdays preformance Hutch is in the top 50 for starter war tied with such names as Chris Sale and Cole Hamel’s. Offhand, the one playoff team that I remember very clearly as being decidedly average in the regular season was the 2006 Cardinals, at 82-80.
What is really depressing is the Jays finished 87-75 that year and missed the playoffs by 10 games in a division where those wins were much harder to come by. Wasn’t that a creeping question last season and then the Orioles ran away with things? What’s more unlikely… collabelo babip holding up or the jays continuing to lose 1 run games at its current rate (I believe 2-12)? I may have started posts with paragraphs like that in the past, and I almost did it today, but then I realized, that, really, I need to practice what I preach.
Please remember- blog for yourself, post when YOU want, and don’t apologize for staying off your blog for a while.
Today I have another fun and kind of review-ish post; I thought I’d talk about my favourite things this week! I bought this lovely hand cream on Thursday, and even though I’ve only used it 3 or 4 times this week, I am seeing results and it’s already a favourite!
I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for hours on end- aaaaaaaarrgghhh it’s so beautiful!!!!!! I have been spending all of my time memorizing and practicing my lines for the school play, and also my speech (the one about gratitude that I recently posted), which I ended up getting first place in my school with!
Today I am reviewing a travel accessory collection from one of favourite online shops and just sites in general, MochiThings. Before, I often wondered if there was even a point of life, but this routine made me so much happier.
Even now, when I don’t manage to write in my journal every night, I am generally a more positive and grateful person. Now, all of this may sound crazy, but studies do actually show that thankfulness makes your life better. I was just about to hit publish when I remembered that I’d forgotten to wish you all Happy Easter! For me, how I start my day is very important if I am planning on actually getting things done.

I find things easier when I reward myself, so, since I enjoy writing blog posts and don’t particularly enjoy cleaning my room, I decided to reward myself with writing my blog post after I cleaned my room for a while. Now, anyway, I don’t know about you, but where I live, it feels like spring is in the air. I know that there are probably A MILLION other Christmas tags, but I thought it would be fun to make one myself! Terry’s chocolate oranges, Lindt Milk Lindors, and ROAST POTATOES (omigoodness they’re so yummy)!! East race, and toying with us again — as they seem to have done every couple of weeks this season when disaster abates for a game or two. But as long as it does, adding him as a threat to a lineup that is now topped by Reyes, Donaldson, Bautista, Encarnacion, and Martin, as it was always supposed to be, is an awesome thought. And while it’s ridiculously easy to dream big after a mere couple of wins, what if Dickey and Hutchison and Estrada and Sanchez really are getting right? It’s still just as likely as not that the Jays are undone by bullshit and bad pitching and the bullpen over the next few games and we end up right back where we were before Sunday.
What if the light at the end of the tunnel really starts to get brighter and brighter for them? Why can’t all the spittle of suckhole negatives evaporate as the warm breeze of late May turns to the heat of June, and why can’t this team win a whole bunch of games from here out?
Pushing past all the mental weight of the hand-wringing so far, it’s actually pretty optimistic place to be. All 3 of Bautista, Saunders and Pompey seem like theyll never be quite right (never this year). I am really interested to see next year’s budget with all the youth and the up and the freeing of cap with buerhle. I can ALMOST see people complaining about Martin because of the money (ALMOST), but who the fuck was bitching about Donaldson? Getting Lawrie for Marcum was a good deal, because Lawrie’s talent was just everywhere you looked.
Granted, fantasy does not care about the glove, but Donaldson’s bat gets him much love from fantasy players.
The pitching staff has been very solid, electric at times, ever since he parachuted in on the 18th. They dispatched the Padres, had a 7-game nail-biter with the Mets in the NLCS, then the Tigers forgot how to throw to first base.
I know every fan thinks their team gets the shit end of the stick but in a different division I believe the Jays would have made the playoffs a few times during their drought. The Jays can be infuriating to watch at times but I am sure other fans in the division feel the same way .
What is the value of being a fan if you won’t get excited at the first whiff of promise? And when blogging isn’t fun, you should take a break, or, quit, if it’s never enjoyable at all (not the case for me! This is not supposed to be a moody rant (although reading back on what I just wrote, it kinda feels like one); I just wanted to explain and share my realization with everyone. I disagree with this rule, because I think that what matters is the quality of writing and humor, and definitely not how much the person posts. The song is based on the story of Samson in the Bible, and was originally written and sung by Regina Spektor, but when I heard this cover of it on The Voice Battle Rounds, I just had to buy it! I love all the compartments in the first aid pouch, and the one pocket (in a lovely shade of aqua green)in the charger pouch is, although hard to fit much in, very cute as well. Everybody will be asking where you bought them if you take them to summer camp, a sleepover, or any trip. They might be the perfect sizes for some people, but I just wish they were a little bigger. All opinions are my own and completely honest; I spent my own money on this product and MochiThings did not ask me to review it. My daily routine around that time involved crying and wishing that things would change…that my friend had never moved.

Writing in a gratitude journal so much or such a long time taught me to notice and further appreciate every little part of my day. Being grateful will lead to improved physical and emotional health, greater self esteem, more intelligence, and better sleep. Comment telling me if you have ever tried writing a gratitude journal, if you have because of this post, or if you are planning on starting one soon (please do give it a try)!
Do yoga or a good workout (I highly recommend the app SWORKIT for both of these-if you want a review, tell me in the comments!). When I wear my pyjamas all day or I just put on sweatpants and a sweater, I feel like I do when I spend all day on the couch: gross.
My teacher is trying as hard as she can  to teach me (and doing a really good job at it!!) but I’m kind of hopeless.
We cleaned all the mini whiteboards, organized (with colour coding of course) and tested all the whiteboard markers,  we folded and organized (with colour coding again!) the whiteboard cloths, and we CHOSE THE WHOLE MONTH’S HOMEWORK (SCORE!!!!!
I went to the RED Tour in 2013, loved it, and then basically stopped being obsessed with T.S.
What if their self-belief starts to grow, and they only add to it as they get back pieces like Devon Travis and Dioner Navarro? The staff could very well use another spot start in the future to push everyone back a day again. Didn’t the Rangers make the playoffs five or six years ago with the same record as us in a weaker division? BoSox were supposed to be the cream of the crop of the ALE but low and behold, the entire division is dumpster fire. If you enjoy posting 5 times a week, and you have enough time to do so (WOAH!), then, by all means, do it!
They have a ton of adorable kawaii products, a lot of stationery, and (my personal favourite category) TRAVEL ACCESSORIES!!! I have not had the chance to use them yet (If this gets lots of views, I might update this section once I’ve used them in Europe this summer), but I have a feeling these pouches will last a while- they feel extremely well made.
If you feel the same way, I suggest wearing one of your favourite outfits that will make you feel pretty and presentable (even if you’re not planning on leaving the house or seeing anyone all day!). What if their starters pitch to, instead of what they did in April, what we all know they’re capable of? Bullpen too, but it’s the starters that set the groundwork for the bullpen to either nail it or blow it.
As a middle school student, I find it hard to post all the time, but I really hope to inspire and make you laugh when I do.
My speech is not at all finished yet, so I have added things here that I may not end up putting in the piece I read at school. Hope you’re having a fun (and maybe productive?!-see my last post) break (do you all get a long weekend like me?)! We did quite a few more jobs too, but the best of the best were the ones I mentioned above.
What if they just push forward and hang on enough to justify the club getting some trade deadline reinforcements? Before you know it, we’ll have the team lined up for the first overall pick in the draft and then head over to the sportsnet comment section to ask who we should draft first overall.
Baseball is a sport which rules that spans upteenth years and still shit happens that no one has seen before. I also have an announcement: I am feeling inspired so there will be more posts coming soon!!
I have seen enough to know that anything can happen and that maybe as Jays fans, our shiny things might work properly.

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