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There’s something wonderfully gratifying about creating something new, whether it’s an award-winning design or a home-cooked meal.
Instead of accepting a given constraint, ask whether this is the right problem to be solving. Don’t settle for the first good idea that comes to mind or seize on the first promising solution presented to you. Make it a rule that at least once a day you will stop and take a second look at some ordinary situation that you would normally look at only once (or not at all).

After coming up with a few good redesigns of items that already exist, where do we go from here?
I invented something called the Bax Scrubb shower pad, and sell them on Amazon with a 4.9-star rating, however I am limited since money is so tight. IDEO U: Unlock your creative potential and collaborate with leaders around the globe in our design thinking online courses. Like them, we can learn how to practice design thinking principles both at work and at home.

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