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Before we started our data collection, we anticipated some of the celebrities who might come up – from entrepreneur and Reality TV star Kim Kardashian to Olympic diver and TV presenter Tom Daley. The gendering of talk about Gates reflects widely noted patterns in which interests associated with girls and women (such as the Twilight films) are given less value than those associated with boys and men (such as the Lord of the Rings films).
Edward: I want tips innit, in general, I just want tips like how, like this guy, all this stuff he had developed so much software and everything, and like all they had to do, and get involved in that. Dave: Yeah, because … Well, eventually you have so much money, I mean for example Bill Gates, richest man on earth, you couldn’t possibly spend that much money.
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Social MediaStay in Touch with by following us on your favourite social media platform. Although, there was some scepticism about these, the dominant view was that they’re admirable and authentic. To a certain extent, they get all the fame, people say that they, that they, um sold their soul to the devil. I mean he’s not really, he’s more famous for what he’s like built, rather than for doing anything else so, yeah.
The next stage of our work is to make connections between these data and what we’ve found in our case study of Gates tracking representations of him across six months.

There were some regional variations, suggesting a more business-oriented metropolis: Gates came up least in the two rural schools (in only one group in Merlin School and not at all in Hardy) and most in the London schools (in three groups in Jackson School and two in Jordan). His charitable giving was the most common reason for his inclusion, being mentioned in eight of the nine groups where his name was mentioned.

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