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Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. What youa€™re saying about that person is aA telltale signA that some bad seed is trying to take root in your heart. Though we are indeed not alone and will receive assistance, we will also meet major resistance, particularly since our major opponents forced and seduced some human energies to battle consciously on their side Our opponents have been able to keep most human energies controlled over thousands of years.
A Hebrews 12:15 tells us how to recognize bad seed when it begins to produce destructive fruitA in our lives.
Cloud State University.  She is a former financial advisor and has a passion for creating healthier relationships with money. The contradiction is that the very fact that they needed more human energies, which they could reap like ore from a mine, has also resulted in building a critical mass of consciousness, which can set us humans free. It says,A a€?a€¦lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble youa€¦.a€? The words a€?springing upa€? are from the Greek wordA phuoo.
The sooner we will start this battle, the better. Our opponents have created over time a well-oiled “control-machine”. It isna€™t a large plant yet; rather, ita€™s a small seedling that is just breaking through the soil and starting to peek out at the world. Instead, it grows a little here and a little there until it finally becomes a huge, ugly growth that defilesA our entire lives. Bitterness usually starts peeking up out of the depths of our souls in the form of negativeA thoughts about another person or a sour, sharp, distrusting, cynical attitude toward someoneA who has offended us. Didn’t you know that for thousands of years almost all human beings just were an integrate part of the “control-machine”.
It refers to something inside that bothers and upsets you so much, you are constantlyA pesteredA by thoughts about it. Aren’t you sometimes at lucid moments aware that it is fear that keeps you compliant with your “life”?   Fear of not being accepted by your environment any longer, once you will have decided to think for yourself. Fear of not going to your kind of heaven any more, once you will have decided to allow doubt. Fear of being punished by some invisible demons, once you will have decided to accept yourself with all your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You don’t deserve to suffer this way.

Ita€™s too painful, too hurtful, and costs you too much in your walk with God.A So if you find yourself constantly saying something derogatory about someone else, pay attentionA to whata€™s happening! Of course, not everyone is equally strong to change toward freedom, but the strong ones should start the process. That is aA tell-tale sign that some bad seed is trying to take root in your heart that could potentially grow into a major issue that hassles your whole life. Granted, some “control-machines” are so overpowering that it requires immense strength to change, but keep in mind that we are not alone. We are (part of) the energy of our earth. The current illusion of stability will not continue. Therefore we have to begin now to help our earth and ourselves in order to avert a major disaster for our world.
Even though I dona€™t like what they did to me, I have no right to be bitter and resentful.I realize now that I am acting just as ugly inwardly as they acted outwardly. Our current human world is “special” in the sense that it is to quite an extent about the illusion of being a “makeable” world.
To the best of my ability, I turn right now from the wrong thoughts that have been consuming me, and I choose instead to speak well of those who have offended or hurt me.
So, our endeavor will be to “make” an inclusive, free world based on compassion and respect.
Goda€™s Spirit lives in me, and He doesna€™t allow me to keep living with wrong attitudes in my life. Free individuals deciding for themselves how they want to live in an inclusive society, which simply means that all individuals, all cultures, all religions, all life-styles will have equal rights. We simply will be free human energy forms living in the sphere of our fantastically multifaceted empire earth. Of course we know that this will not come about easily. Because my mind and emotions arecontrolled by the Spirit of God, I think only positive thoughts about those who are near or around me. However, we will probably find soon that more and more human energy forms will feel the urge to help us creating our empire earth. Is there one particular person or group of people you find yourself constantly speaking badly about?
Some might not know why this is, but many will clearly feel that we have evolved to a situation where we are required to decide on the future of the world, as we know it.

We are running out of time. We also are not alone trying to cope with this formidable task. Others will come to our assistance, once we will have decided to help ourselves. They are willing to stand by us whatever the outcome of our efforts will be. Would you have to honestly admit this bitterness or unforgiveness has affected the level of joy you once experienced in the Lord? Many of us know, vision or feel that it is still possible and quite probable that we will be able to avert a cataclysmic event for our earth, and, as the truth will set us free, fearless confidence will help us make our “new earth”. All of us will work together in our “project destiny”. Ita€™s difficult to be filled with joy when you are a€?eaten upa€? on the inside with negative thoughts about someone else.
We will stick to the laws, rules and regulations of every state we will be working in to make sure that our opponents will not have the possibility to stop us. Even though it might be small, it will give us a basis to work from. And yes, we will have opponents.
Actually this is quite clear, since we already mentioned the enslaving “control-machines”. The slave-masters will continue to implant the premise that humans cannot live in freedom, be what they want to be and have what they want to have. You just do not see it. Of course it will at first not be easy to get used to our new lives. But the foundation of our empire earth will be love and respect for all energy forms and the acceptance that this love and respect will let our individual freedom end where the individual freedom of our neighbors will start. During the transition phase we will for sure need to adjust to the new world. Since we will probably have fewer humans than currently forecasted, most decisions will become “no-brainers” anyhow. Granted, the above looks like so much gibberish, but don’t forget that we only know what we know. The majority of us only experience our space-time reality and too many of us accept the rules, norms and laws we are taught to live by as cast in stone. Where you currently are situated in time is coincidence, because fate is coincidence!Keep in mind: coincidence is past fate and fate is future coincidence! We can change the future! The good thing is that we have seen the most probable visions of our future world.

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