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Martin Seligman, a renowned psychologist and clinical researcher, has been studying optimists and pessimists for 25 years. About two-thirds of this book is a psychological discussion of pessimism, optimism, learned helplessness (giving up because you feel unable to change things), explanatory style (how you habitually explain to yourself why events happen), and depression, and how these affect success, health, and quality of life. More important, in Creating Optimism, you’ll discover a revolutionary seven-step program for overcoming depression and anxiety that has proven far more effective than more traditional methods. Prior research links optimism to physical health, but the strength of the association has not been systematically evaluated.
The purpose of this study is to conduct a meta-analytic review to determine the strength of the association between optimism and physical health. The findings from 83 studies, with 108 effect sizes (ESs), were included in the analyses, using random-effects models. The effects of dispositional optimism, as defined by generalized positive expectations for the future, on physical health are mixed, especially in diseases that can be immunologically mediated such as HIV and cancer. I love this quote so many times we reflect on the negative events that happen in our life we forget to find the positive’s within the negative situation. My professional suggestion about learned optimism would be to read the book “The Secret” and begin to practice positive energy. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

Pessimists believe that bad events are their fault, will last a long time, and undermine everything. Based on their more than two decades of research and practice, Murray and Fortinberry challenge the conventional wisdom that all psychological healing occurs from the inside-out, and explain how, by building healthier relationships with others, your body, nature, and spirituality, you can restructure neural pathways in your brain and promote new, healthier ways of thinking and behaving. ESs were larger for studies using subjective (versus objective) measures of physical health. Although learned optimism can help avoid depression, mood disorders, improve physical health and quality of life this is tough to turn around. The first one, as others have mentioned, really jumps out and let's you know exactly what the Wiki is about.
They feel helpless and may sink into depression, which is epidemic today, especially among youths. In this powerful self-healing guide, psychologist Bob Murray and therapist Alicia Fortinberry draw upon the latest findings in neurobiology, psychiatry, and evolutionary biology to reveal how the psychological and physical stresses of modern life overwhelm our natural healing mechanisms and foster depression and anxiety by separating us from what truly makes us human.
Subsidiary analyses were also conducted grouping studies into those that focused solely on mortality, survival, cardiovascular outcomes, physiological markers (including immune function), immune function only, cancer outcomes, outcomes related to pregnancy, physical symptoms, or pain.
Although the negative relationship between optimism and immunity has been attributed to the violation of optimists' positive expectancies and subsequent disappointment, empirical evidence suggests that it is more likely to be a consequence of optimists' greater engagement during difficult stressors. I think your headers for each section (Books, Peer Reviewed Articles, etc.) should be bigger.

Optimists, on the other hand, believe that defeat is a temporary setback or a challenge--it doesn't knock them down. The final chapters teach the skills of changing from pessimism to optimism, with worksheet pages to guide you and your child. For example, negative mood does not account for the effect, but conscientiousness, a personality facet related to engagement, does. I try to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts but that can be challenging I try telling myself that positive events are permanent and negative events are temporary. I learned there is so much positive energy within the universe if you put positive energy out positive energy will return.
They blend in and make it difficult to easily jump from area to area, if that's what you're wanting to do as the reader. The mixed immunological correlates of optimism may explain why it does not consistently predict better disease outcomes. And, really, you ended with an inspirational quote as well (in the form of the image and quote), which I really liked.

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