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Social NarrativesIt is our goal to develop a bank of Social Narratives for professionals to draw from.
Social Narratives are stories developed to provide learners with insight into social situations. Description:This is a social narrative on being flexible during play time, and not aways have to have one's way. Description:This is a social narrative on when it is time to relax and how to relax with deep breathing.
Description:This is a social narrative on walking through the halls without touching the fire alarms.
Description:This is a social narrative on slowing down so student can remember what to do (unloading his backpack).

Description:This is a social narrative on classroom expectations and how to be a "Lego Land Learner". Description:This is a social narrative on reading smoothly utilizing special interest of Wrestling.
Please contribute to the bank, it will help not only students but your fellow professionals as well! The value of the social narrative is that they allow educators to pre-teach social situations and provide learners with strategies to respond to those situations. Gray (1993; 1995), has identified 6 sentence types (descriptive, directive, perspective, affirmative, control, and cooperative) to construct a social narrative. The narratives in the bank are in many different formats: Microsoft Powerpoint, Boardmaker, Microsoft Word and PDF.

Feel free to use the narratives as they are presented or to individualize according to student need. The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC) has identified Social Narratives as an Evidenced Based Practice.

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