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This past weekend, I found myself 400 miles and 3 states away from home with $16 of cash, a half tank of gas, but no credit cards. Once I slowed down I realized that my daughter wouldn’t starve, I could find a way to get some cash back from a store, and that I was resourceful enough to deal with this situation.
I did some mental arithmetic and discovered that I could keep my miles per gallon quite high if I used cruise control and didn’t rush. Last updated: 3 Sep 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Negative thoughts and emotions have a destructive effect on health not to mention putting the block on any dreams you have of being successful. This mechanism is there to protect us but because of our changing lives and environment – it can make us age faster and damage our health if continually activated. In this article I want to focus on the problem of continually activating the stress response through thought patterns of worry, fear and anxiety – then show you how you can stop negative thinking altogether. Our thoughts are powerful things and if we wish to have sound health and a life worth living we need to stop negative thinking and take back our mind control. The exact same thing happens when we have negative thoughts which cause powerful negative emotions like fear, worry and anxiety – which are just really mental movies of negative situations.
And because the brain and nervous system can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined the body sees this movie as really happening.
So what actually happens in the body when this ‘fight or flight’ response is activated? The pupils dilate and the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure all increase and the sphincters of the digestive organs contract and switch off. Sweating and other reactions which deal with emergencies take place and blood away is carried away from the organs to the muscles, to get the body ready to fight or run away. Digestion and growth are inhibited and immunity in first line defence is lowered and we are vulnerable against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi and we can also have adverse reactions to food. So if you’re a continually negative and depressive type of person and always having these negative thought patterns, you are actually in a breaking down state for prolonged periods of time.
This has a disastrous effect on your immunity and your health – the result is accelerated ageing. During the vast majority of our evolution when we faced the danger of death on a daily basis – like being attacked by a wild animal or the member of a rival tribe or even a member of our own tribe -this system was essential and there to keep us alive. But today worrying about bills, fear of losing your job or arguing with your partner activates the same response in the body as being chased by a lion back in the day.
These are the type of ongoing psychological stressors that can get us stuck in the stress response and it’s this that damages us and makes us age faster. We need to stop negative thinking and create daily inspirational thoughts – easier said than done I hear you say.
Just as negative thoughts and emotions are perceived as real and have a destructive effect on our health – our positive thoughts and emotions are also perceived as really happening and have a rebuilding effect on our health though this anabolic mechanism. The pupils constrict, digestion and absorption are stimulated and the sphincters of the digestive tract are relaxed. Blood is drawn from the skeletal muscles to the digestive organs and the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate all drop.
When the body is anabolic our hormonal and immune system is strong and they need to be as every day cancer cells grow in our body and must be destroyed. Our heart and blood vessels need renewed constantly to prevent plaquing and bone and tissue are constantly being renewed to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis etc.
And our thinking not only affects our health but also the level of success in every other area of our life.

This means that if you fill a computer with junk it will respond by giving junk out and it’s the same with your mind.
Whatever you allow into your conscious mind will influence your subconscious mind and it is the subconscious mind that runs the show. Everything affects everything else – our friends, family, associations, environment, the books we read, the TV programs we watch and the conversations we engage in. Everything affects your subconscious mind and influences you in the choices, decisions and what thoughts appear in your head.
Remember your mind is like a fertile garden – literally whatever you plant there will grow.
Most people just drift through life and accept the circumstances they are in without ever thinking about change. If you follow through with these steps you will succeed in not only changing your mindset but also in the betterment of your health, wealth and personal relationships. The thing is – just one negative thought is dangerous, because it triggers another and then another and then another and suddenly you’re whole life has gone from being OK to being pretty dreadful.
So this first thought has gone from being negative about the weather to blaming herself for not checking the weather forecast. So now Suzy has gone into worry mode and she’s painting the worst picture of how her morning could turn out.
So by her third thought Suzy has managed to convince herself that she is about to have a really bad day. When we get stuck in a negative thought process like Suzy just did now, it’s usually because we are intently focused on what’s wrong – not the genuine situation. This a super important point – what Suzy has done by focusing intently on her problem is create more problems. If Suzy had chosen to brush off the very first problem where she got stuck without the umbrella, it’s highly likely her day would have been a hell of a lot better. The reality of the matter is, we will never escape problems for good because life is full of uncertainty and it’s not viable to have a perfect smooth life where everything happens exactly as we want it to. Join the Simple Life Strategies Facebook page to get access to articles before anyone else! Stop Negative ThinkingUse the power of hypnosis to improve your life by focusing on the positive and rejecting the negative.
Negative thinking makes many things difficult if not impossible.  Its like your confidence and self-esteem are gone and every word digs the hole deeper.
We all know we should think positive and avoid negativity, but its very difficult to stop.  Negative thoughts sabotage your confidence and your potential achievements.
We will talk about the effects of your thoughts and your words and change them on a subconscious level by teaching you how to let negative thoughts roll away from you without sticking.
I went back to my car where my young daughter sat and asked her if I could borrow the money in her coin purse. The more you can rid yourself of them, the freer your mind will be to problem solve rather than perseverate. If you’re looking for tips on how to stop negative thinking this article will help you. So therefore we must stop negative thinking and make the effort to activate the PNS through positive thoughts and emotions.
Do you catch yourself getting caught up in a whirlwind of negativity and before you know it your mind (and your day) is starting to spiral downwards?
It’s also the number one thing that stands between you and your own happiness and success in life.

Let’s look at why and then I’ll share with you a few tips for stopping negativity in it’s tracks. Say, she leaves her house and suddenly it starts to rain and she’s caught without an umbrella. Blame by the way, is one of the most unproductive behavioral traits because it’s essentially negative thinking in action. Instead of thinking about how the day could get better, she is literally thinking of the worst-case scenario. Yes Suzy got stuck without an umbrella, but does this mean her entire day will be bad as a result? It’s almost as if one negative thought automatically triggers another one and it’s like a chain reaction. She may well have decided to look at this situation in a positive light and to notice how refreshing the rain felt on her skin! The most important step is to be aware of when we are having negative thoughts in the first place. Think of the bigger picture – instead of seeing this problem as the start of many more problems, choose to see it as a solitary problem. Remember that if you keep focusing on your problem it is likely that it will multiply into more problems!
View any problems as challenges and look for how they are actually helping you in some way. Having a body that is relaxed will make your mind less stressed and encourage new problem solving. Write them out and put them where you will see them: on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, as a screensaver on your computer. Plus it’s not useful – it doesn’t help solve the issue – it just amplifies it and makes you feel worse.
So without realizing it, it’s highly likely that Suzy will indeed have a dreadful day, but only because she is so focused on her problems. When we expand our thinking and look at the bigger picture, it’s much easier to bounce back when small problems pop up. You’d be surprised how many negative thoughts you have on a daily basis compared to positive ones.
Look for how the problem may be helping you in some way, even though at the time it may feel frustrating. With my mind full of what if’s, there was no room or energy for realistic problem solving.
My plan was to find all the cash I could, to estimate how far my car would go on the gas I had, talk to my husband for his thoughts on the situation, drive slowly to conserve fuel, and to look for a store that would take checks and allow me to get cash back. Once you start to become aware of your negative thinking only then can you start to make some changes. Write your goals in a journal then take them from the pages of your journal to the pages of your life. She has unintentionally blocked out all of the good things that have happened that morning and focused only on this one problem. With enough desire, belief, commitment and persistence you can be or create anything you want.

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