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Unknowingly, we collect and accumulate thought patterns often without realizing it over the course of our lives.
Do you often caught yourself guessing what other people are thinking and ending up getting upset and frustrated because you took your guesses as the truths? Just because a co-worker has dropped the ball on a few occasions doesn’t mean he will never be able to do things right. Have you ever missed a workout or lost an important client and then started calling yourself a loser?
It is admirable to want to put in your best, but it is a different thing altogether when you want to be perfect in everything that you do.
Ah, it is so easy to point the finger at others, assign blames and obliterate all responsibilities from ourselves instantly.
If your first instinct in every unpleasant event is to avoid or to run away, then you are probably stuck in the ostrich mode. When we go into these behaviors and thoughts, we are simply acting as a mirror to what is inside us.
The irony is, we are stuck not because we are less talented or less hardworking than our next door neighbors who seem to have it all. Many are stories we told ourselves about the world around us and opinions we have formed about the people we have came in contact with, including ourselves. Have you forgotten how he has helped you and how he has contributed to the team in the past? Bear in mind that when you cannot tolerate anything less than perfect, you are also signing up as the perfect candidate for devastating long-term stress, depression, panic attacks and even heart disease. In fact, I advocate facing up to your emotions instead of suppressing or running away from them. But do you know that by doing so, you are also simultaneously giving the control of your life to someone else? A tendency to avoid addressing real issues so as to avoid confrontation does not help anyone. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or other advice.

Truth is, we are stuck because of the negative thought patterns that sabotage our best intentions and efforts to improve the lives of ourselves as well as those we care about.
When these stories and opinions are repeated for enough times, they turn into beliefs and conditioning that become an indistinguishable part of our thinking. I remembered once when I didn’t get an anticipated call from a client, I ended up feeling anxious for a few days.
An overly pessimistic perspective blinds us to the inherent opportunities and hope that are present in every experience.
However, it is a totally different story when you function exclusively on the way you feel. Do you really want other people to have a say in your health, career, happiness and well-being for their selfish gains? Not all problems resolve by themselves, and by not dealing with them, you are only compounding the issue and giving yourself more stress later down the road. Often we react passively and negatively to unpleasant life events and fail to seize them as opportunities to work on thoughts and thinking patterns that no longer serve us. While some of them may serve us well, many of them, unfortunately, also limit us and close our minds to things that do not fit into our preformed ideas and concepts. I kept mulling over the possible reasons why I wasn’t getting a reply and was literally putting myself through a living hell. These assumptions, while convenient, can lead us to make decisions that could lead to not just our unhappiness but that of others as well. It sucks the joy out of life, and poisons the minds of others with its relentless acid rain. Although living based on impulses isn’t so much of a negative thinking pattern, it is definitely a negative behavioral pattern that can fire you in all directions but end you up nowhere. If you answer no, then it is never too late to start assuming responsibility for whatever is not going right in your life.
Businesses could be lost and relationships may fall apart if you do not heed warning signs. Indeed, we need more trust and love, as well as compassion to release ourselves from these mind traps.

But it turned out that the client was in the midst of shifting office and was only able to confirm the deal much later.
Imagine what would it be like if your doctor makes assumptions about your condition and jumps to conclusion instead of verifying his hunch. They seal our fate and condition us to think and act in a prescribed manner, leaving us with zero control.
People who are fixed on the cons in life are capable of finding faults with just about anything, even success.
It’s important to realize that some of our feelings are transient and fleeting and are not meant to be taken seriously.
Because only by doing that can you begin to heal yourself, your job, your relationships and your health.
They are like booby traps that bound us within our own minds, and narrow our perspective every time we use them without questioning. What are some of the tags you have carelessly used on your boss, your mother-in-law, your neighbors and those around you?
The initial feelings you get when tackling a problem may be dreadful, but once you have got over them, the problem is probably not as bad as you made it out to be. But this doesn’t mean you have to wear a smiling face forever or be a positive thinking champion in order to be happy.
There are times to use the brain, occasions to use your feelings and times to use both in life. Just by making an extra effort to balance your negative thoughts with positive ones will help to make a tremendous difference to you and those around you. Know the difference and understand when to act on your feelings and when you shouldn’t (like after a heated argument). Unless you have the special talent to see through people’s minds, it is more useful to go straight up and clarify things.

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