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After all, it was your present thinking process that got you where you are right now, and it has not done you any good so far. Focus on your thoughts, not your results and you will be amazed at the change that you will see happen in your results. If you have failed so far in your life or so you think, let me break it you, nothing has caused it but your thought processes so far. You need to get into the mould of consistently guarding your mind against destructive thoughts.
Before your thoughts can find an expression in the visible world, it has to be abundant in the unseen world i.e. Now, I am not exactly for motivating everyone, only those that are hungry for a direction or know where they are going.
So the question is what are your desires for your life, both physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually? This might mean you need to keep a journal that chronicles your positive ambitions and dreams.Write them down and read them back to your self often. Othniel Morkly is a mobile app developer that builds apps for local businesses and individuals alike.

If you can get your thoughts aligned with the laws that God created in this world, nothing can stop you. The reason is simple, whatever you focus on consistently in your mind will generally find a way to materialize out in your life. Cast out the thoughts that eat at your confidence, that say you are a failure, that make you insecure and that make you fearful. He loves to build mobile apps for organisations that are looking to stay ahead in the game. And to be candid with you, your mind is like a field and the thoughts that get sown and watered in your field, in due time will manifest itself in reality in your life. There are people on this earth that have been through worse conditions and came out on top. As a matter of fact, if you are on a part to correcting aspects of your life, the first place you should focus on is changing your thoughts.
The car in the unseen world that I want to buy is going to drive and influence me to do things that will get me that car in the seen world. Hang out with people that think the world of you and motivate you to be better than you are right now.

It could drive me to save-up, to increase my streams of income, to borrow, whatever it takes, until I get that thought created before me, it will consistently be a burden.
So until you can’t stand that thing in your life and get past tolerating it, you will never change it. Do not let any man, woman or dream-stealer (there are plenty nowadays) steal or change your path.
TO change your condition you need to replace those habits of thoughts to positive, motivating, action oriented thoughts. Many times, his tricks are best when you are closest to your goal.So when you are hardest hit, hold on. Inventions are born out of sheer frustrations with the norm and a vision of a better tomorrow.

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