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She explained that she had picked the topic as she herself had been prejudiced towards asylum seekers and wanted to find out how much their stay in Iceland cost.“I lived in Su?urnes and worked in Reykjanesb?r at the time [of picking the topic] and noticed rather negative discussions.
The discussions were often about [the asylum seekers] getting too much money, that they cost the municipality a lot of money and didn’t have a good impact on society,” Johanna revealed.The survey concluded that 61 percent of respondents in Reykjanesb?r believed that asylum seekers received substantial funds, while 30 percent of Reykjavik residents were of the same opinion.

People were asked to guess how much money asylum seekers received and especially in Reykjanesb?r, the amounts were much higher than in actuality.The social services receive ISK 7,477 (USD 57, EUR 50) per day for each asylum seeker which is to cover costs such as housing, heating, electricity and medical services.
Each asylum seeker receives an additional ISK 8,000 credit balance at a supermarket chain and ISK 2,700 in allowances per week.Johanna stated that the results had been surprising.

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