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Hitting back: The songstress has rowed withA Azealia Banks () and Snoop Dogg (R) among others, online'Your inability to be responsible for your own mistakes, bullying others, the inability to be humble or have self control.
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Were else could you paint your tanks in gold plating or red with samurai banners and get away with accuracy? Cergorach,"What I don't get is that short-skirted schoolgirls is morally repugnant…"Ok, as with McWong72's comment, if I had said that, you might have an argument. This thread continues!It's now been resolved: Some posters on TMP, such as myself, enjoy anime and Girls und Panzer and see nothing wrong with it. Turn in your man club card.For finding a way to spend time with his daughter?Go do something anatomically improbable. For you gents who are actually in here to help get these minis made we are now two thrids of the way there with just on 400 units on order we need only 200 more and we will be there.So come on guys all we need are 10 guys ordering 20 each or twenty guys ordering ten each. And when you want kids to grow up to kill and be killed in the name of religion or the nation, you create cartoons, movies, wargames and computer games to glorify the ways of killing as many people as possible.
Legion 4 and those who continually refer to this thread and topic as pedo get a grip and how about pulling your narrow minded heads out of your arse. Ghost6 has a good point (Btw those minis are nice)For one the tank commander will only be the from the waist up (No short skirt) the only two minis that would be full body would be the ones running from the tank. 15mm women in either type of uniform this project suggests will have uses on the gaming table. Interesting that I seem to have acquired several stifles from posting here, yet I am the one accused of being narrow minded? Carrying on from Lion in the Stars point.This is one of the main disconnects in this discussion. There seems to be some artistic merit in painting a colourful tank, so I might do it anyway, even if it does nothing. It's YOU!'You created your own unfortunate situation by being a bigot and don't have the mental capacity to realize yet. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. I suspect that our English friends are not nearly so used to the sight, living in a less pleasant clime.
Showing them to a friend who is a Brony tomorrow, I might be back with questions about painting. They all look the same."The characters have different hair styles and colors, different eye colors, they vary in height and figure, and have different voice actors.

They all look the same.Well the Public Morals Committee are supposed to look all the same, that's the joke. This thread is about getting very tiny metal miniatures of Japanese school girls so those who would like to play Girls Und Panzer in a table top setting can do so.So STAY on TOPIC.
And it's aimed at a Japanese audience, so that kind of makes it necessary to make them Japanese girls, who go to school (going to school is good).But I do get your point sometimes I really question certain creative choices that Anime makers make, but just like in the West sexualization sells, no matter how negatively it impacts the actual story.Don't get me wrong, Anime like 'Outbreak Company' and 'Yuushibu' I find hilarious!
On the other hand if I am gaining stifles for saying I'm not sure we should be portraying teenage girls in inconceivably short skirts, well…Yes, I am well aware of reality. The History Club have all chosen different historical personas, from Rommel to Caesar to various famous Shogun, which make them stand out, as do all the sashimono on their StuG. But more of a back up, if needed, since their country is basically surrounded by traditional enemies on most of their borders. If your trying to use this thread as your personal attack on anime, or those who watch shows like that then go make your own threads and bitch about there not here.
This process will be made with those who have pre-ordered and Eureka who are getting it designed have their say. Not because of to the fanservice, but how they make fun of common anime tropes (and in the case of Yuushibu, also fantasy RPGs). My 12 year old daughter is one of those who rolls her school skirt up, because that is the 'cool thing to do'. The student council members are distinct from each other (short one, serious one, genki one), and like to sneak around in their Hetzer.
I remember watching CNN the last time the IDF attacked Hezzbolah in '06 … link There was a female IDF soldier writing down the names of all the troops in each APC(converted captured USSR T-55s IIRC) as it passed.
If you feel morally offended by animated characters in short skirts, perhaps contact Actas, the studio that produces the show, and request that they put the girls in coveralls or lengthen skirts, etc.
So as per normal TMP style this is a storm in a tea cup.I could easily change the title to female WWII tank crew and it could very well serve the purpouse. But honestly my tastes generally go for the more serious and fantastical series like Ghost in the Shell (series) or Natsume's Book of Friends.
No doubt some may see some comments, that they find in their opinion crazy, goofy, unrealistic, etc., etc. Like so many independent horror films now, where we HAVE to avert the "nobody poops" trope because smeg knows we don't watch films for action or horror or humour, we have to stop annoyingly every so often and not only wait for, but watch, characters taking a dump.
I know (from my time with her) what 12 year old schoolgirls look like, and what they get up to re uniforms and skirts (and, indeed, other stuff).2) That's not the point. Rabbit Team and Seagull Team (the former volleyball team trying to regain their honor) each have a distinct character to them, though there is little difference between the team members.

I'm sure they care what a bunch of Western wargamers think who don't even follow the series think about it.
The title of the thread was derived from the original proposer on the 300club who tagged them as 15mm Japanese school girls. This is cartoon silliness and we are judging cartoon silliness by the standards of things that make sense, which rarely, in turn, makes sense, even when applied to so-called reality TV. The World of Tanks Club and the Auto Club enter the story too late to really get to know the characters, but the WoT Club is really bad with real tanks, and the Auto Club can drift a Tiger, and make repairs on the go, which is cool (if you're not a tank purist). We are already associated with being behind any nutcase who decides to shoot innocents, glorifying war and violence in schools.
I don't really care for anima … I spent over a decade in the US ARMY as an Infantry Officer.
So there is no need to barge into other peoples conversations to tell everyone how disinterested you are. All the members of the main cast (Anglerfish Team) have distinctive personalities and motivations, and of course each have their own role in the tank. I know perfectly well that is not the case, and if anything our desire to research both the reasons and motivations behind the theatres and periods we game in, as well as the formations, uniforms, organisations and other related areas, give us a greater understanding of the issues surrounding conflict and thus less likely to engage in it ? we do it precisely because we know how to detach fantasy from reality.However I am protective of my own hobby, and very conscious of the way the media and uneducated general population will seek out any opportunity to blame the actions of one mindless individual on any target group they don't understand, but see as both cause an effect for the suffering of others. The writers actually did a remarkable job fitting 30-odd characters into a 12 episode series.
Can you not see the difference?5) I'm not "barging into anyone's conversation", firstly because it's not ? as I said above ? a conversation and secondly because no one is being particularly rude to anyone (no one has been dawghoused as far as I'm aware ? certainly I haven't been).
We are just grown men postulating different and varying opinions on what is and isn't easy for some of us to live with, all of us being different.
The IDF women tankers and the marching ladies in the pink uniforms with the AKs (all in photos above) just confirm that the debate will continue. Probably foreverHowever, if you cannot see the difference between actual women fighting actual wars and cartoon jail bait in nazi tanks I'm not sure what more to say.Saying, with reference to GuP, 'my twelve year old watches it and likes it' is utterly irrelevant. And that's because she's twelve.I respect the right of people to play games with whatever they chose as long as they are not hurting any one.

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